Best K-Dramas Feb-Mar 2019

Are you wondering what K-Dramas are airing here at the close of February that are actually good? Here’s a list of my 5 favorite dramas of this month that I’ve been keeping up to date on, as well as titles of honorable mentions, that I won’t go into detail on, but are pretty good! Some will be the obvious winners but I have others that I haven’t heard very many people talking about. All of these are currently still airing (except one, just ended) and there are a few good ones that have ended that I didn’t include. Hopefully there’s something on this list for everybody! Got lots of genres here. Let’s get started!

Honorable Mentions!

First up, let’s get Honorable Mentions out of the way! Take this list!

  • The Light in Your Eyes (aka Radiant) – Time traveling, rapid aging, romance! It’s comedic and dark and thought provoking and worth watching. However, once the time travel started coming into play, I felt it went down hill, so I’m holding out on this one and hoping it gets better. Watch it on Viki
  • I Hate You Juliet – For when you want something short and stupid, this show has 18 minute episodes about an actor Cha Yool and aspiring screenwriter Goo Na Ra who go to the same University. Due to an accident, Cha Yool can suddenly hear Na Ra’s thoughts… 😀 What could better lead to romance!? Watch it on Viki (coming soon, I won’t recommend less legal sites…)
  • Haechi – A good Sageuk (historical) drama following an illegitimate prince who backs one prince against the murderous prince in a bid for the throne. Also featuring a Damo (female detective) and other fun characters. It’s good so far but I’m not caught up on the episodes and I’ll have to see more to bump it up the list. Available on Viki and Kocowa

5. Love in Sadness – Melodrama!

This drama is the newest one on this list, with only 2 full hour long episodes out at time of writing (cut into 4 half hour) airing on Saturdays.

The basic plot of this story is that we have the female lead Ma Ri who is in an abusive marriage and keeps trying to run away from her well off husband. Feeling stifled and with no other options, she turns to a plastic surgeon Seo Jung Won (Ji Hyun Woo) and pleads with him to change her face so that her husband can’t find her. There are other extenuating circumstances which aren’t huge spoiler but I found more fun to figure out by watching, so please do so yourself!

At first I was very hesitant to start this drama partly because the similar drama Let Me Introduce Her from last year was far from my favorite and because I am afraid it will delve deep into the melodrama world which often is off-putting to me. However, I gave it a chance and had soon caught up with all the aired episodes. For a melodrama style story, it’s not doing a bad job and I have found the actors all to be very good, especially the initial actress for Ma Ri, Park Ha Na. I found her acting of the abused wife was the main reason this drama really pulled me in. On top of that, it has a really good OST so far!

Not convinced? Here’s a preview of a scene from the first episode showcasing the husband and wife with glimpses of the plastic surgeon:

Watch Love in Sadness on Kocowa and Viki

4. The Crowned Clown – Sageuk historical lookalike romance!

Are you one of those people who really enjoys Sageuks? Even if you’re not, I wouldn’t pass this one up just yet. Can I say, the acting in this drama is just incredible!

The plot to this one (based on the movie Masquerade) is that there is a clown who happens to look exactly like the King. When the King, who is slightly insane, finds out, he has him takes his place for a while in the hopes he’ll draw out some assassins. Watching the two, both played by Yeo Jin Goo (and spectacularly at that), you really feel as if they are two different people! Will those not in on the secret notice the difference? The King’s beautiful Queen sees an obvious difference, but doesn’t relate it to a switch; instead, she’s in trouble of falling in love with her “husband”. :O The Clown will have to try his hardest not to fall for her beauty either. When lines start to blur, the stakes rise…

This isn’t your fun romantic comedy if you’re faint of heart, but it is an amazing and emotional watch. If you’re expecting something like the recent 100 Days my Prince, this may seem like it on the surface, but it by far surpasses that drama. Give the first episode a chance and if you aren’t drawn in… I don’t know what’s wrong with you. 🙂

Here’s a quick teaser/trailer.

Watch The Crowned Clown on Viki

3. The Fiery Priest – Sacrilegious crime fighting!

Okay, I’ll admit, I was super hesitant starting this. It didn’t look like something I’d be in to all that much.

And then I watched all the aired episodes in one sitting. This one is hilarious and slightly dark. You could call it mystery, but mostly it’s crime because we know who is corrupt (almost literally everyone), and then we have our Priest battling it all! By his side he has… another priest, whose competency is questionable, a few nuns (one of whom is decidedly not his fan), and… Uh, well there’s the slightly corrupt, apathetic, yet church going female prosecutor who is absolutely so much fun and can’t help but think the priest is super handsome every time she sees him. 😀 Our priest has anger management issues and a form of PTSD and he and the prosecutor can’t help but not get along!

And then there is the bumbling detective who, like the prosecutor, tries to go along peacefully in the corrupt flow of things, and his new side kick, the determined and righteous Seo Seung Ah who is completely disillusioned with the police force and its corruption.

And what happens when the bumbling detective, the rising female prosecutor, and Kim Hae Il, the priest with anger management issues and insane fighting skills, are all bundled onto the same case? Oh boy, is there fun… 🙂

If you don’t find any of that intriguing, you may as well refrain from watching the clip below which shows the fun banter between the priest and the prosecutor.

Watch The Fiery Priest on Kocowa and Viki

2. Romance is a Bonus Book – Noona romance!

So, did anyone guess this one would be on the list? Hehe, of course it is. You probably won’t be surprised with #1 either… What can I say? Noona romance when done right is so much fun.

I was personally an initial big fan of Something in the Rain until that rain went down the drain half way through, but this so far has done a very good job pacing the story and letting all our characters and relationships develop naturally! We’ve seen Lee Jong Suk in a noona romance before with I Hear your Voice, and while I enjoyed that cast pairing, the story, while more intense and complicated, didn’t keep me coming back to the show like this one does. It’s not overly complicated, with few actual mysteries or serious drama (okay, divorces, work drama, etc), and is focused on relationships and characters and I really love it.

But come on, what’s the plot? you ask. Pfft, who needs a plot, there’s a pile of ridiculously good actors all interacting in a daily work environment with complicated relationships, what could be better? There’s Noona romance, house mates, a love square, awesome supporting character romance, and a really great OST. No seriously, there is a plot, but it’s not a mystery novel okay, it’s a fun romance!

And of course, the obligatory video. Here’s a MV with the beautiful voice of Roy Kim!

Watch Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix!

1. Touch Your Heart – Lawyer/Actress romance

If you haven’t heard of this drama, then you’ve probably been living under a rock in the kdrama world. This is the fan awaited reuniting of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na (both of my favorites!) from their fated romance previously on Goblin.

That said, it has nothing to do with Goblin, so don’t get your hopes up in that regard (though it does feel like a transition hehe). However, we have the same brilliant chemistry we’ve seen between them before with a unique plot and characters. If you’ve missed the Reaper, than this Lawyer version of Lee Dong Wook should have you covered with his awesomeness. And let’s not forget to mention the new character Yoo In Na is playing! I think I enjoy this particular character more than Sunny from Goblin, making this pairing even more exciting.

Don’t get me wrong with these comparisons though, this drama still has merits without standing on the shoulders of Goblin. Some criticism I heard initially was that this drama relied too heavily on the golden actor pairing and wasn’t focused enough on the plot. I’ll admit that the first episode was not the best, but I still really enjoyed it and as the episodes have continued, I’ve fallen more and more in love with this drama. At first it does seem a bit fluffy and sweet with not a whole lot going on (who minds that tho?), but you quickly see that there is a lot more to this drama than its appearance would have you believe. Something darker is going on behind the scenes and we’re only just starting to see it!

The basic premise is that we have a down on her luck actress who is infamous for an albeit false drug scandal who has to go work at a Law firm if she wants to get a part in a drama. This leads to her working as a secretary for the Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) and hilarity and mystery and romance ensue! Not convinced? What’s wrong with you! Here you go. An amazing OST and enticing MV!

And you can watch Touch Your Heart on Viki

Well, what did you think? Have you watched some of these yet? All of them!? Congrats 😛

I’m personally highly recommending these 5 dramas but of course there are a lot more that I’ve started I didn’t include that I’m still deciding on. Some made the honorable mentions list, but I tried to only put things there that I’d seen more than one or two episodes of, so some potentially really good dramas didn’t make the list. What do you think? Am I missing some really good dramas currently airing? Leave a comment!


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