Select Love – Chapter 1

Hey guys, this is a book I’ve been writing called Select Love (for now), that was inspired by KDramas. Mostly it’s the location and style rather than happening. I’m uploading it on Wattpad for now and thought I’d double post here. enjoy ~

Chapter One

Despite the late morning breeze floating through the open window, I was feeling suffocated as I sat alone in the classroom staring at my open English textbook.

This was nothing new; I often felt suffocated at school. If I had a home, I would probably feel suffocated there as well.

It was hard to have a home when your father was dead and your mom kicked you out because you wouldn’t buy her any more alcohol.

For the past two weeks since I’d been kicked out of our tiny apartment, I’d spent most of my evenings at the sauna, but my funds were running desperately low and I had the depressing notion I would be spending the night on the streets today unless I skipped all my meals.

I wouldn’t usually mind skipping a meal or two, but I had been skipping too many of them lately and I was afraid I would faint if I didn’t eat anything today.

A sharp pain shot through my stomach, accentuating the fact I would need to eat something, and I clenched my fists to fight through the feeling. Fortunately the school provided a lunch or I would not have survived this long.

I let out a breath and closed my eyes. Suffocation. Would it be such a bad thing?

Of course, I wasn’t quite literally suffocating here. If it were up to the other students though, I think they wouldn’t mind if I did suffocate. They were the ones who made my days a nightmare after all. The taunts and harsh words, laughing at my apparent lack of hygiene, jealousy of my intelligence.

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