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Hey everyone! Here’s a quick recap of He is Psychometric episode 1, the drama we’ve all been waiting for! Super excited for this one, so let’s dive right in.

The episode starts with a scene from 2005. In an apartment complex, a young boy, Lee An (our main character), is begging and begging for a puppy for his birthday. His father, a cop of some sort, doesn’t seem to mind, but his mother is against it–that is until An asks for a sibling instead.

Elsewhere in the apartment complex, we see someone stabbing women and arranging their dead bodies in a single room. The person then starts a gas leak and puts a lighter in the microwave to trigger an explosion.

As Lee An and his parents are on their way to get a puppy, the explosion happens, and the family is trapped in the elevator between floors 6 and 7. The whole building is in pandemonium, but a friendly man helps An out of the elevator. However, just as An is rescued, the elevator breaks free and crashes toward the ground with his parents inside. Another bystander, a student name Kang Seong Mo, seeing no escape down the stairs due to the fire, knocks out a window and jumps the 7 stories with An in his arms. They land heavily on the top of a car and the scene goes black and white except for the red blood pooling between the two.

Then the episodes jumps 11 years later (I see they’ve left leg room for more time jumps)

Now a young man, Lee An stands in a morgue, and presses his hands against the containers holding the dead bodies. As he drags his hands along the containers, we see flashes of memory connected to the bodies of how they ended up in the morgue. The show then places a description on the screen describing Psychometry as the ability to measure (metron) a person’s soul (psyche). Cue the title intro

Two women, Detective Eun Ji Soo and Doctor Hong Soo Yeon, hurry towards the morgue, talking about Lee An and hoping he can help them figure out what happened to the bodies of a Hanmin Care Home fire case before Prosecutor Kang arrives (this is the student Kang Seong Mo who jumped from the window with Lee An).

They enter the morgue and watch as Lee AN places his hand on the head of three women have stab wounds in their abdomens, an anomaly from the rest of the burned victims, and reminiscent of the murders from the case in the beginning of the episode, 11 years ago.

Lee An studies carefully, and confidently lists off some numbers he saw in the victim’s memories: 80B, 75A, and 85C.

Lol, turns out he just saw the underwear sizes of the victims. The two women, Eun and Hong aren’t impressed with his skills, but he mentions also seeing a woman in the visions who was wearing a ring. Apparently non of the female victims were wearing a ring, so he claims it must be the perpetrator.

But at that moment, Prosecutor Kang Seong Mo arrives, and Lee An hides in one of the morgue containers. The two women try to distract Kang, but he finds them suspicious, mentions that he has found a witness, and then tricks them to leave the room before locking them out.

He then heads straight to the container with Lee An and pulls it out. Lee An calls him Hyung with a guilty look on his face. As it appears later in the episode, they have grown somewhat close, and Kang Seong Mo takes care of the orphaned Lee An as an older brother (Hyung).

Cut to Prosecutor Kang talking to the aforementioned witness. The witness claims to have seen a woman stabbing the victims and setting the place on fire. From this, the Special Investigation Unit, which contains Prosecutor Kang and Detective Eun Ji Soo, determines that one of the residents of the care facility, a woman who had often threatened others and was going to be kicked out due to lack of payments, killed the first two stab victims before starting the fire and stabbing herself.

When talk of an official briefing comes up, Detective Eun is hesitant and says the witness testimony isn’t enough. She’s thinking of the woman with a ring that An mentioned, but obviously doesn’t want to bring that up. Instead she mentions that she doesn’t want the case to end up like the Yeongseong fire (from the beginning of the episode). However, that angers the apparent lead of the Special Investigation Unit, who just so happens to be her father.

Next we see a scene of the streets where the offical message spoken by Prosecutor Kang is being broadcast. On the street, we see our newest main character, Yoon Jae In, walking through the streets in a black hoodie, black cap, and black mask. She’s briefly picked up by her aunt who drops her off not much later, and Yoon then heads to a bathroom to change into her school uniform for her first day of school.

However, as she’s finishing changing, she hears a sound from the cubicle adjacent to hers and catches a school boy peeking on her as she was changing. Rightly incensed, she chases after the boy who is wearing a red hoodie.

Lee An is walking not far from the chase on the phone with someone, when the pervert bumps into him. An gets a quick glimpse of the perverts bathroom view as they briefly touch. Unfortunately for An, he’s also wearing a red sweater, and when Yoon Jae In sees him walking down the street on the phone, she thinks she’s caught her pervert.

She pulls out her phone and gets what she thinks is conclusive evidence of Lee An talking on the phone about not seeing the whole picture, being in the wrong place, and seeing the underwear (obviously referencing his time in the morgue).

Yoon Jae In confronts Lee An with her evidence and he’s obviously confused, so she plays her recording of his conversation. A crowd gathers and it doesn’t look good for him, but he recognizes her face from the perverts view and says she must be the girl from the bathroom; that seals his fate and Jae In flushes and tries to kick him.

An stops her kick with skin on skin contact and is caught up in her memories, being pelted with eggs, breathing in a paper bag to stop a panic attack…

Coming to himself, he’s awkwardly holding a girls leg, and next we know, he’s in jail. He claims innocence, but one of the cops recognizes him as a trouble maker from middle school and says he’ll call Detective Eun.

Lee An seems mortified that they call her, but she gets him out (at least temporarily) very quickly and we see Lee An calling Eun Ji Soo Noona. Early we had already learned that Kang Seung Mo and Eun Ji Soo grew up together, so Lee An and Ji Soo must have become well acquainted too.

At her new school, Yoon Jae In is meeting in the teachers office and ends up running into the trouble maker Lee An once again as he’s brought into the teacher’s office for supposedly cheating on a test; yes, he did read someone’s mind, but he didn’t break into the teacher’s office. He complains this must be false accusation day. His complaints don’t work and it looks like he’s facing expulsion (again). He heads to the roof instead of class and stares at his Hyung’s phone contact, hesitant to call.

Meanwhile in class, Yoon Jae In meets an old acquaintance, So Hyeon, but is waylaid by a bunch of girls who ask her if she is the daughter of the District Chief Candidate Yoon Kyung Hoon. She provides an evasive answer and walks away, suddenly remembering being pelted by eggs.

With a panic attack starting, Yoon Jae In runs up to the same roof Lee An is hiding out on, and takes out her paper bag to breathe into and calm down. After calming down, Yoon turns to leave, but sees the Yeongseong apartment complex in the distance and remembers that night of the fire, as a young girl standing outside the building as it burned.

Somewhere in a prison, we see a man holding a photo of Yoon Jae In. Is this her actual father? IT turns out to be the person who helped Lee An escape the elevator on that day, who ended up being charged with the whole crime at that time by Detective Eun’s father. Wow, everyone is already really connected in this case lol!

Detective Eun asks Prosecturo Kang why he won’t use An for his psychometry. Kang eventually says that he’s waiting until AN finds someone he wants to use it on and mentions that An should have met “that” girl by now. Hmm, can Prosecutor Kang potentially see the future, or does he have some other power from that day? From the preview, he apparently already knows Jae In so maybe not.

The episode ends with Yoon Jae In turning to leave the rooftop and Lee An accidentally jumping from a higher rooftop on a direct collision course. Freeze on their startled faces!


Well, it’s a fun start for sure with a solid introduction to our main characters who all seem to be connected to this case from 2005. It’s unclear how exactly Lee An got his “powers”, though we know they showed up on the day of the incident. I’m excited to watch more of it, but it also didn’t blow me away yet. What do you think of it?

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