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Hey guys, this is a rough one as I don’t have time to edit it fully right now, but hopefully it’s helpful to someone! This show is not perfect, but this second episode has given it a really solid start in my opinion and I’m looking forward to watching more. Let’s dive right into the recap!

We start back in 2005 with Lee An, with a large bandage on his head, receiving a box of his father’s belongings from another officer (detective Eun’s father).

As he sits and cries, Yoon Jae In runs past him and loses a shoe. Lee An picks it up and sees what we can assume are his first flashbacks from her.

Yoon Jae In watches as her father is dragged into the police station and she runs away, bumping into Lee An and making him drop his belongings. Lee An stops and offers her what looks like a lemon drop (not sure about that). She stops crying and we change back to 11 years later where she is on the rooftop recovering from her panic attack and eating some lemon drops.

We see Kang Seong Mo once again saying that Lee An must have met that girl already, and then back to the scene of Lee An jumping right where she’s moving.

Lol, fortunately he manages to catch himself on an overhang.

They have a standoff (Why are you following me? Why are YOU following me?) As Jae In leaves, his friend who has a crush on So Hyeon (Jae In’s acquaintance from earlier)  asks Lee An to touch a handerkchief of So Hyeon’s. Lee An doesn’t want to, so the friend stuffs it in his pocket.

In class, the teacher asks the new student Jae In to complete a problem on the board and she does so easily. The teacher asks if her dad is really running for the district chief position? She doesn’t reply and turns for her seat but as the teacher lectures the other students on why this is how kids should study and how kids with single parents or orphans are causing issues, she stops in her tracks.

Turning around she claims that she didn’t solve the problem correctly, but only solved it how she thought he wanted it solved. Apparently, his equation was contradictory. He scoffs and tells her she did it right.

Not backing down, Yoon Jae In then proclaims that the problem is a lot like the teacher. Ha! This teacher is a serious piece of work.

She starts defending Lee An claiming that the teacher made him the culprit for the exam cheating without investigating (though she also claims she isn’t defending hims lol)

He asks if she’ll identify the student then, and she says she will and asks if he’ll apologize for his comments to the whole class if she can find the culprit by class tomorrow. The class Ooos and several students ask if he’ll also return their phones, comic books, handbags, etc, he took.

When asked what she’ll do if she fails, she says she’ll drop out voluntarily.

Hah, then she goes to a bathroom stall and starts grabbing her hair and calling herself crazy!

When she leaves the bathroom, Lee An is waiting for her and asks if she likes him.

She goes off on him, but he says he’ll help her out. Then he smoothly puts out his hand for a handshake and says his name is Lee An. Ha. He really wants to read her mind. “Then after we find the culprit, a three second handshake, okay?” She just walks off.

At home, Yoon Jae In gets a call from a priest at an orphanage who helped her move and find a school through the help of a patron. She asks if he can get the patron to meet her at some point. It looks to be Kang Seong Mo, who is currently at the orphanage playing with the kids.

Late that night at Dohyeon high school, Lee An is breaking in to the teachers’ office! He touches the keypad trying to get a feeling for what the passcode is, but only gets the numbers 6 and 2. Hoping it will help, he starts touching the keypad with his face to get a better read. Just as he’s leaning in for a kiss, Yoon Jae In interrupts him… she’s seen the whole thing and tells him to move aside, entering in the passcode on her first try. Apparently it was the school anniversary (6/2/2002).

As they enter the dark room, Lee An teases her asking if she’ll be okay with the pervert. She doesn’t respond, only holds out a taser and snaps it a few times. Ha.

Meanwhile, Eun finds a file for the caretaker in 701 from the Hanmin fire case and calls Kang Seong Mo, saying it’s the woman with the ring. They meet up and talk about it briefly, but when she asks if he wants to come with her to meet the woman, he says he has someone else to meet who really wants to see him. We can only assume he’s going to meet Jae In.

Back at the school, Lee An gets a quick read on the teacher’s desk and sees a quick flash of a woman breaking into it and picking up a yellow pouch. Yoon Jae In is searching on the other side of the room and finds Lee An’s test score and the guy he cheated off of. They both have the exact same score wrong answers included. Based on the quick reading he saw, Lee An tries to subtly lead Jae In to the conclusion that someone broke in to get something the teacher had confiscated. To be precise, a woman in a black cap and mask getting a yellow pouch. As they’re talking, they see lights from a security guard headed their way and end up hiding behind a mirror together.

Yoon holds a taser between them, but as the guard comes closer and Lee An sees her foot sticking out behind the mirror, he grabs her arm and pulls her in close to him. As he does so, he sees a quick flash from her memory of a prison garb and without thinking he spouts off the number on the clothes: 3145. She’s obviously a bit upset by this and asks him who he is, why did he say that number? He claims it was only her imagination, but berates himself mentally before leaving. Yoon Jae In wonders how he knew that number.

Later as Jae In is walking home, Kang Seong Mo comes up behind her, startling her and says she asked the priest to see him. They go to a convenience store to talk and he tells her he lives across from her. She wonders if they know each other, but then remembers him from TV as the lead prosecutor in the fire case.

Now a quick break, let’s not forget a shower scene with Lee An. 🙂

At home, Seong Mo and Jae In give a quick wave good bye and head to their apartments which are literally rooftop apartments right across from each other. Welcoming him home, Lee An is playing around with Kang Seong Mo when he gets a quick flash from him and sees a woman! (Yoon Jae In) he doesn’t recognise her but ribs Seong Mo about it.

At school the next day before math class, Lee An presses the fire alarm, then stands outside the door with his arms outstretched to touch everyone who runs past him. Due to an overload of images, he gets a massive nosebleed and falls down the stairs. Everyone just keeps running past him.

Everyone except Kim So Hyeon and Yoon Jae In who stay in their seats, unfazed. So Hyeon asks Jae In to meet with her, and after the fire pandemonium and everyone is returning, they head outside to talk.

So Hyeon wonders why she had to get involved, then says she’ll tell her a secret and it’s up to her to keep it since she owes Jae In something anyway.

It turns out, So Hyeon was the one who broke into the office to get her yellow pouch. She’d taken a pregnancy test and stored it in the pouch right before it was confiscated for having cigarettes. Lee An finds out about this at the same time by touching a (good) teacher who had been there when the pouch had been confiscated (by the bad teacher) and seen the test.

For some reason, Lee An tells his friend (the one with a massive crush on So Hyeon) about the test, and incensed, the kid runs out to find her ex boyfriend and beat him up.

Lee An chases after him, but runs into Jae In and asks if she found out too. She tells him he can’t tell anyone or So Hyeon will be expelled, but he wonders why he should be expelled instead of So Hyeon. However, he’s sidetracked on his way to math class by his friend beating up So Hyeon’s ex boyfriend so he doesn’t get to class at the start of the showdown.

In the classroom, the smarmy teacher has apparently found out about Yoon Jae In’s father in jail and is hinting at it. She cuts him off standing up and claims that no one broke in to get the test scores, but rather it was a teacher who did it. The girl behind her takes out her phone and starts recording. She talks about 5 pre answered test scores hidden in his desk before the exam was taken; So Hyeon had seen them when she broke in and told Jae In about them.

The teacher doesn’t admit to it, so she says she saw the names and starts listing them out with the rankings. One of the students starts blubbering and saying he didn’t want to but his mom–. The teacher cuts him off and tells him to shut his mouth.

Exasperated the teacher asks then who broke into the office and saw the test scores?

At that moment Lee An and his friend (Dae Bong) walk back in and Lee An claims his friend did it. Dae Bong agrees and takes the fall for So Hyeon, saying he saw it while trying to steal the “Hot Lady” magazine issue from the teacher’s drawer (a confiscated item we saw earlier). Lol.

Cut to a montage of news articles of Dohyeon school and leaked answers and the video the girl took on her phone blowing up in views and likes. 🙂

After the incident, Jae In pulls Lee An to the roof and asks how he knew everything. Lee An stutters a bit but claims Dae Bong is So Hyeon’s stalker and knew about it the whole time. She appears slightly satisfied, but asks how he knew about the number 3145. He brushes it off and brings up the handshake they “promised” when they found the culprit.

She reaches for his outstretched hand, but before their hands touch, they both simultaneously get a call from the police station.

Lol. They tell Jae In that the CCTV captured the actual culprit who is a repeat offender and that Lee An was not the culprit. A bit mortified, she asks if perhaps they’ve already informed the accused, but yes they have! That’s also the call Lee An has received.

He’s a bit smug about it, but she does apologize and thanks him for keeping So Hyeon’s secret too. She’s holding her hand out for him to shake, but he ends up only teasing her, almost shaking her hand before closing his fist “Game Over” lol. Apparently he has some conscience, even though he was so eager to read her just before the phone call.

Back at home, she’s standing outside her apartment that she and her Aunt live in, hoping to see her patron (it seems she might have a little crush?). Prosecutor Kang steps out of his house, and she’s about to get his attention, when Lee An also steps out of the house. She ducks down and hides, wondering why he lives there.

She then becomes privy to a conversation about how Lee An solved a case at school but now has a suspension, and they mention his Psychometry, also talking a bit about what he can do with it.

After Kang Seong Mo leaves, Lee An, frustrated with the conversation, kicks a flower pot, which startles Jae In and makes her cry out a little yelp.

“Who’s there?” Lee An asks, and she hesitantly stands up.

She brings up the conversation about psychometric abilities and starts putting the puzzle pieces together with how he knew about So Hyeon and about 3145.

Lee An finally seems to admit it, and tells her just avoid his touch and don’t look at him as a monster.

She says if that’s how he saw her dad’s inmate number, then he’s not a monster.

Then she tells him she’s heading over so he can read her more. Don’t move, she’s heading right over. Now he’s the one who looks a bit violated and shocked and the episode ends there, Jae In with a hopeful smile on her face and Lee An with his arms protectively covering his chest like she’s now the pervert, lol.


Well, this is been a lot of fun to watch so far. I’m not as invested as I am with a few other shows at the moment, but I enjoy the concept and the actors so it looks like it’s going to be a good one. I would like to see a little more of the side characters in coming episodes (mainly Detective Eun and what she’s doing), but I can’t complain, because we got a lot of fun drama with the two leads. What are your thoughts?

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