He is Psychometric Ep 3 Recap

Lee An and Yoon Jae In
Lee An and Yoon Jae In together in 2005

Episode 3 starts back in 2005 a week after the fire. Yoon Jae In and Lee An are talking. He’s holding his father’s police badge and Jae In asks if Lee An’s father can help her father out of jail since he didn’t do anything wrong. But of course, he can’t because Lee An’s father is dead.

A van pulls up with Kang Seong Mo to pick up Lee An. Jae In hides behind the fence, but Seong Mo sees her there tough he says nothing.

Back to 11 years later, though Lee An had appeared to be violated the previous night, he wakes up with a dream of kissing Yoon Jae In to read her mind. Haha, what a boy… He wakes by falling off the bed and promptly tries to fall back asleep into the dream.

Yoon Jae In on the other hand is having no such thoughts. The previous night she’d been thwarted from her mission to go over to Lee An by her aunt’s appearance, and now she wonders what on earth she’d been saying last night. She hesitantly asks her aunt what she would do if someone could clear her father’s name. When her aunt asks her what if they proved that he was guilty, saying you never truly know someone, Yoon Jae In gets up in a rush and heads to school.

But outside her gate Lee An is waiting for her. Subtle dude. She blows him off and he wonders why she’s acting so differently from the previous night. She says she must have been crazy and all she wants is for her father to be her secret just like his secret is his Psychometry.

On the way to school, they both board the same bus together standing back to back. Yoon Jae In deigns to talk to him to tell him not to tell anyone that they live right next to each other and to to mention that she lives in a rooftop apartment.

As she tells him she’ll kill him if he touches her to find out more of her secrets, the bus comes to a sudden stop and she loses her balance. So naturally, like the gentleman he is, he reaches out and catches her. 🙂

He assures her that since they didn’t physically touch (skin to skin), that he didn’t read anything from her. I’m a little confused with how this works still, like he can read objects right? I know it’s different as Kang Seong Mo has mentioned that, but he still could learn something from her clothes right? Is it that he chooses to do one over the other or can choose regardless? Eh.

Anyway, the air becomes a bit too awkward between the two, so Lee An voluntarily gets off the bus at the next stop saying he doesn’t like buses.

Cut to Kang Seong Mo pulling up to the police station. Detective Eun runs out and gets into his car. She’s dejected because the potential woman with the ring Lee An mentioned (Kang Hee Sook the caregiver) is missing. They arrive at the woman’s apartment, but as expected, she’s not there. Eun thinks the woman is very suspicious.

At school, Lee An’s friend Dae Bong runs up and says something is wrong. An guesses correctly it’s about So Hyeon. Apparently this smitten creep is wondering what So Hyeon will do with the baby. Dude, butt out lol.

In the empty classroom, Jae In places a bottle of milk on So Hyeon’s desk, and when Dae Bong comes in to do the same, he’s too late.

Then the two nosy annoying girls (Kim Eun Soo and Oh Young Eun) who are still under the illusion Jae In’s father is important, come in and invite her to go clubbing after school. When she refuses they immediately call her stuck up. Lee An, in the back of the classroom, interrupts them, asking why they can’t recycle properly, essentially breaking up the “conversation”.

Meanwhile, Detective Eun hands Prosecutor Kang a document to sign, which I think is essentially to close the case without convicting anyone as the perpetrator is dead. She’s obviously still suspicious of the case, but seems resigned to closing it now. However, Prosecutor Kang says they’ll check one more time. Wasn’t he the one who wanted to close this up quickly in the beginning?

Kang Seong Mo calls the witness and asks if they can hear his testimony one more time. The witness is reluctant since he’s not close by, but Kang insists. The witness hands over a board to a nurse telling her to pay close attention to a specific patient Ms. Kim Song Hee before leaving. We see him check out the patient and see that she has a ring on her finger.

However, as the man is driving, he passes another man in a black hat and mask who has put what look like caltrops on the road (spikes) that puncture his tires. When he gets out of his truck, the man heads towards him threateningly, holding a large hammer.

At school the teacher asks Yoon Jae In to fill out a dream career survey. We see she writes Prosecutor. After class is over, the two annoying girls are following her, wondering which expensive car she’ll get in and if her clothes and backpack are actually expensive or not. When she passes all the cars and continues walking, they think about following her but instead get into their waiting vehicles.

Lee An and Dae Bong also enter a vehicle (Dae Bong’s father is wealthy) and notice Jae In walking past. Lee An also notices a creepy looking person in a hat, mask, and long coat potentially following Jae In.

Jae In heads into a convenience store for a part time job and the creepy guy follows her in. We see it’s that awful math teacher who ended up getting fired after she stood up to him in class. He pulls out an energy drink bottle from his coat pocket and stalks up towards her as she mans the counter. However, as he comes up towards her, ready to throw the contents of the bottle in her face, a hand stops him in progress and we cut to one of Lee An’s visions, seeing this evil teacher actually filling the bottle with Hydrochloric Acid!

My goodness, you get fired and you want to burn a teen girl’s face off over it? Gah, this teacher is messed up. The police drag away the teacher (who says he’ll tell everyone who she is) and Jae In calmly hands the CCTV and bottle as evidence over to Detective Eun who came.

Eun Ji Soo asks if she’s actually okay, and Jae In says she is, but Lee An can see that her hand is shaking. Jae In says she’ll give a statement after she’s finished her shift and Lee An of course hangs around and gets an annoyed thank you out of her.

At the station, while Eun and Kang are waiting for the witness, Eun gets a call and mentions the almost acid attack on Yoon Jae In. Kang stands up in shock and they go and meet Jae In and explain that since nothing actually happened the teacher had to be let off with just a warning. Seriously? The guy almost burned her face off and he gets let go? I have a feeling her actual family will be revealed to the school soon by this trash.

Detective Eun is worried about Jae In’s safety with the guy on the loose, and Kang Seong Mo says he’ll be her guardian. Eun logically says that won’t work since he’s so busy and then gets a lightbulb and calls Lee An. Hehe, perfect. They go to the same school, live next to each other, and Lee An knows the teacher’s face, so Eun says he should be Jae In’s bodyguard.

Jae In obviously protests, but Lee An doesn’t seem too distraught over the process, and Eun sneakily tells him he can get back into Autopsy if he does this, and pushes forward with the plan. After that, Jae In’s shift has ended, so Kang Seong Mo offers to take her home. The conversation is a bit awkward, especially when Seong Mo brings up her father, subtly letting her know he knows. But of course he would, since he’s her sponsor, whatever that actually means. She works three part time jobs and says she had to quit a few because of studying for the SAT.

As they approuch her house, Kang Seong Mo bluntly asks if she thinks her father was the arsonist. Before she can give him a straight answer, her Aunt comes out and recognizes him so Jae In gets her inside as quickly as possible before she can get too embarrassed.

After Jae In heads inside, Kang Seong Mo gets a call about the witness Kim Gab Yeong and hurries over to a crime scene. As we all could have guessed, he’s been murdered. Eun is at the scene too.

In the morning, Lee An is once again waiting for Yoon Jae In outside her house. Bodyguard time it is. Jae In tries not to show it, but as they leave she has a smile on her face.

Back at work, Kang Seong Mo thinks the Yeongseong, Hanmin fires and this murder are all related.

In class, the two annoying girls confront Jae In again and appear to have found out her dad isn’t who they thought. She tells them to get lost and starts having a bit of a mental breakdown slash panic attack as she remembers cruel remarks from past students who knew of her father. She runs to the roof to calm down and Lee An follows her.

As they stand on the roof overlooking Yeongseong apartment complex in the distance, Jae In tells Lee An that it’s Hyperpnea that happens because of anxious over-breathing. They talk a bit about it, and Jae In says that he has a brother to lean on at least.

But Lee An says that his Hyung abandoned him at the orphanage. We see his memory of being abandoned at the orphanage by Kang Seong Mo when he was younger. Many years later Kang Seong Mo came back saying he had to take care of something important, but Lee An still seems a bit scarred. Lee An tells Jae In that Kang Seong Mo is the only person he can’t read, but we know that isn’t quite true, since he saw Yoon Jae In in Seong Mo’s visions earlier.

Lee An says she can tell him about her father and he’ll help her whenever she’s ready.

As Jae In exits her house the next morning, she’s expecting Lee An, but he’s not there. He wakes up late and runs to school, but when he arrives someone has spraypainted the words “Yoon Jae In is a murderer’s daughter” on the school in red letters. Guess who did that…

Lee An finds the discarded spray paint can and sees memories of the stupid evil math teacher painting the words. A bit frantically, Lee An takes the can and starts spraying over the words in more red, yelling at the other students to get lost. Yoon Jae In isn’t at school and Lee An runs around trying to find her. Eventually he runs towards her house and it’s open, all their stuff removed except one last photo.

It’s a photo of her and her aunt when she was younger and Lee An finally recognizes her as the girl from that time so long ago. On his way out the door, he stops as he grabs the handle, having a vision. Yoon Jae In held the door and left him a message saying she was grateful when he offered to help her and she’ll come find him when she’s ready.

Finally we cut to two years later in what is almost the present. 2005 + 11 + 2 only makes 2018, so we still have some author leeway here to hit the present. I had a feeling this was coming…

Lee An drives down the road in a red convertible Ford Mustang with the sport white stripes (it looks like a 2013 maybe?), whistling as he comes to a stoplight.

By happenstance, he sees someone who looks like Yoon Jae In crossing the street and jumps out of his mustang to stop her. But no, it’s not her, just someone in a similar getup.

At a gas station, we see Dae Beong desperately trying to calculate an employees wages lol. He was terrible in school, but his dad owned lots of gas stations, so apparently he’s inherited at least one to run.

Lee An pulls up in the mustang and then we find out that it’s actually Dae Beong’s car. He justifies the theft by saying it’s an important day for him: today he’s taking the Law Enforcement Exam. Ah ha. Is our boy joining the force?

Detective Eun stops by on the weekend to remind Kang Seong Mo about that fact and also to let him know she has a blind date. He’s entirely apathetic about that knowledge and our girl is let down. She’s so obviously into him. Shot down, she decides she must avoid Lee An, because that was entirely embarrassing and she doesn’t want him to read that from her.

Meanwhile, at the entrance exam hall, Lee An scoots his table forward within reaching distance of the next person in front of him. Are you seriously planning on cheating your way through this exam? Apparently per Kang, Lee An has actually been studying recently, but it looks like he’s not leaving any chances to fate. Just hope the guy in front of you is smart…

When the history section comes around, Lee An growls in frustration and goes to cheat on the guy in front of him, but someone calls out to him to stop. He claims his hand just cramped up, but the proctor who called him out comes up and says he’ll be asked to leave if he cheats.

Wait a minute, that voice is familiar!

Lee An looks up, and there staring down at him is Yoon Jae Min!

Ooh, she looks good in that uniform. Lee An seems to think so to.

He stands up abruptly. “I found you, Yoon Jae In.”

Yoon Jae In in uniform
Yoon Jae In looking good in uniform

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