He is Psychometric Ep 4 Recap

The episode starts, once again, back in 2005 for a quick scene with Yoon Jae In and her father. This is right before a scene we saw at the beginning of the drama, with the women who are later stabbed, telling Yoon Jae In’s father (building caretaker? He used to be a firefighter), that he can’t keep putting up fliers saying to keep the road clear in case of fire. They fire him on the spot. We find out in this episode, that one of these ladies that is stabbed is also Kang Seong Mo’s mother.

The scene continues as Jae In’s father continues to put up fliers and then shows the explosion again. Yoon Jae In’s father is the friendly person who helps Lee An out of the elevator and tells Kang Seong Mo to watch him.

Back in the drama’s present, Lee An and Jae In meet up after the exam is over. She rails on him for cheating and he’s like is that the first thing you’re going to talk about? He wonders at her becoming a police (she couldn’t take the SATs because she ran away without transferring two years ago), and she wonders the same thing about him, then gasps and asks if he’s working as a Psychometrist. He puffs up his chest and says of course he is: cut to a scene of him trying to read a body with Eun and Kang and failing miserably.

Driving home, Lee An is singing along to Twice TT in his (Dae Bong’s) red mustang, haha. He seems to be in good spirits after meeting Jae In again.

He picks up Kang Seong Mo on the way home and Seong Mo notes that he’s chipper; did he do well on the exam? When they pull up to a new apartment complex, Lee An is surprised. He didn’t know they moved and accidentally told Jae In that he lives in the same place he used to. Woops.

Poor Eun Ji Soo is waiting for them when they arrive. She’s pretty obvious…

Lee An notes that she’s girly today and when she says she went on a blind date, he does a cold read on her. “Cold Read” in his words is reading someone without touching them. He notes her flushed cheeks and the fact she brought lots of beer and states that the date didn’t go well. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Lee An mentions that Yoon Jae In is a police officer now and Kang Seong Mo excuses himself to go take a shower. Lee An tells Eun he’s known about her crush on Seong Mo for a long time now and it’s really obvious.He tells her not to use him as an excuse.

And then later he decides that he’ll go see Yoon Jae In only because he gave her the wrong address. That’s the ONLY reason he’s going. Haha, excuses.

He gets to the station he thinks she’s at but it turns out she’s actually a live-in probationary office at Seoheun Community Security Center… Not many people live there and according to Eun Ji Soo it’s an easy job but with no way to get promoted. She wonders how someone so young ended up there.

But while Lee An is talking with Yoon Jae In (she’s on probation because she tried to look at an old case file), someone runs in and says her daughter Joo Ah is missing!

Lee An follows Jae In on the search. After an hour with no results, they find one of Joo Ah’s tosys in the river. Lee An picks it up and sees a vision of someone closing up a girl in a suitcase. But just then, Joo Ah is on the river bank with her mother. So who did he see?

Jae In asks if he hallucinated or what, but then he spies the suitcase stuck in the reeds further up the river. The police all show up, including Eun Ji Soo. Lee An is determined to read every inch around the river, but Jae In points out that it must have floated downstream from a long distance away and Ji Soo asks Jae In to make sure Lee An doesn’t cross the police line.

Meanwhile back at the community Center, So Hyeon who must work there with Jae In is talking with Jae In’s superior (we’ve seen him in the past on the pervert case a long time ago). They’re talking about the murder and So Hyeon is surprised a murder happened in this neighborhood.

Once it’s dark, we see Lee An in the reeds trying to read something and Jae In sighs telling him it’s no use. They talk a bit and bicker adorably like two teens, but then Lee An asks her to tell about that thing again, about a similar case. This could be a serial killer.

Cut to Eun Ji Soo giving a briefing on this new suitcase case (see what I did there? What, puns don’t suit you?) The victim of this case is in her 50s and like the other case, the suitcase was weighted down with cement and her fingerprints can no longer be read.

Eun Ji Soo’s father is in the room and picks on her unnecessarily. After they leave the briefing room, one of Ji Soo’s peers asks why her father was so bristly today and she admits it’s because she isn’t married yet. She says her dad thinks making her stressed at work will make her more likely to get married.

Kang Seong Mo hears the whole thing but seems to ignore it as he leaves and goes to study more on the cases from 13 and 2 years ago. He’s still pondering on this thing? Is this all he spends his free time doing? He gets a text from Ji Soo warning that Lee An was the one to find the body so be careful.

Meanwhile back at the site of the suitcase finding, Jae In gets a call and says she can leave now. Lee An doesn’t like the idea…

As Kang Seong Mo is leaving, he sees someone in dark clothes standing by his car and it triggers flashbacks to when he was younger. We see potential links in his past even before the Yeongseong fire that could be linked to this new case and the other cases: someone pulling a suitcase, someone in chains that look like the chains that were found on the murdered witness Kim Gap Yong two years ago. I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. Eun Ji Soo texts him again also telling him that Jae In helped find the body too.

Lee An and Jae In are walking down the street together and Lee An says he thinks he can read better when Jae In is around. It happened the same back when they broke into the teacher’s office two years ago. They come upon Kang Seong Mo waiting for them and Jae In instinctively calls him Mr. Daddy Long Legs (her benefactor) and looks at him with enough adoration that Lee An appears a little jealous.

But meanwhile, we cut to another view of the scene from a truck with a mysterious man dressed in black and wearing a mask watching the three stand together. Freeze frame on the three, and the episode is over!

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