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And we’re back (albeit late) for a recap of He is Psychometric Episode 5! Once again, this episode starts back in 2005 with a scene of Seong Mo and his mother in room 701 of the apartment complex. The nosy building ladies come and knock on their door, and Seong Mo’s mother is afraid that ‘he’ has come. Someone who is obsessed with them and stalking them. After the women leave, we see someone from another building looking down at their room in the apartment saying he’s found them.

Cut back to the end of the last episode where Jae In, Lee An, and Seong Mo are meeting on the street in the evening and showing the scene from the perspective of a man dressed in black hiding in a nearby truck watching.

The three, Jae In, Lee An, and Seong Mo meet and talk for awhile and Seong Mo tells Jae In that he has a favor to ask of her, but he doesn’t say what it is. Lee An is jealous of the apparent connection between Seong Mo and Lee An and begs to know what the request is once they’ve left. Seong Mo lets him try to get a read through his fist, but Lee An can’t see anything even after trying to go in for a kiss (for more contact).

So the next day Lee An goes to see Jae In at the police station (what else would he do) intending to ask if she knows what the favor could be, but Jae In runs out saying there’s a big problem! Turns out, two ladies are fighting. The one lady’s nice car has been dented and she claims the other lady, parked next to her did it.

Lee An uses his gift though to see that a young child sitting on the street nearby is the culprit, having used a rock to damage the car after witnessing the car’s owner practically bullying her mother serving inside the restaurant (where the car’s are parked). The two sit down and talk with the child and convince her to tell her mother and apologize to the mean car lady.

On the way back to his apartment, Lee An sees Seong Mo getting in the elevator and hurries to enter with him. Inside, Lee An tried to press the button with his covered elbow instead of using his fingers and this elicits a talk from Seong Mo saying that he should stop refraining from touching things or his Psychometry won’t improve. That’s like avoiding studying for an exam by only studying the answers. Lee An says he’ll practice and is forced to do so when Seong Mo enters their apartment and says he changed the password before locking Seong Mo out.

The password is easy to see for Lee An, but it happens to be a date, December 3, 2005. THAT date. Only then does Lee An realize that today is also December 3 (2018) and that’s why Jae In seemed a bit down/depressed. It also means it’s his birthday.

At her house, Jae In is lighting candles, but suffers from one of her attacks and has to breathe in her paper bag. Her aunt comes in and also realizes it’s that day.

Lee An takes out the stuffed puppy his mother got him for his birthday all those years ago. It’s got a hole with burn marks and when he touches it, he sees a memory of his mother giving it to him.

At work, the Doctor Hong (lady from first ep, mortician?) is telling Eun Ji Soo that she hasn’t been able to identify the body; it’s not as easy as she thought it would be. Ji Soo whines saying that she’ll have to get married if they can’t figure this case out. Dr. Hong says not to worry and she’ll try the “steam” technique since the body was underwater.

This technique involves removing one of the body’s fingers and dipping it in 100 degree Celsius water for three seconds in the hopes of retrieving a fingerprint. Her attempt appears successful and she starts running the print while singing 4Minute’s What’s Your Name lol.

Dae Bong texts Lee An and tells him to return his car (the Red Mustang) and if it has a scratch their friendship is over. An just replies simply by saying he almost died exactly 13 years ago. At that moment a car pulls up that Dae Bong thinks is So Hyeon so he eagerly goes to fill it, but it’s not her. Lee An looks for Seong Mo in the apartment, but he’s not there so he goes to “his” car. As he’s backing out, we see the man in black watching him. I’m presuming it’s the same guy that watched Seong Mo’s apartment from the building (“I found you”) 13 years ago. It must also be the culprit?

Once Lee An has left, the man takes a package up to their apartment (614) and starts to open it in front of the door.

Lee An finds Seong Mo at his (Lee An’s) parents’ graves and starts paying his respects saying stuff like Seong Mo bought a house so he can get married and that he’ll protect Seong Mo now. I think there’s supposed to be a proverb in there, but he messes it up.

After they leave, they go to meet Yoon Jae In and Kang Seong Mo makes his favor known: He wants Jae In to help develop Lee An’s psychometry. Both are shocked he knows she knows about it, and he reveals that he heard them on the rooftop when Jae In initially found out about An’s psychometry. Jae In says she needs to think about it.

Jae In goes to one of her friend’s promotions and on the way back her mind starts trying to invent dangerous scenarios with the people she sees. She’s that desparate for a promotion that everything seems like that one case that will help her get a promotion.

At the scene where they found the suitcase, Jae In finds Lee An. An tells her he’s decided to let her help him develop his ability and reveals that they met a long time ago when he gave her candy. We see it actually was his first time seeing someone’s history when he touched her shoe (the one he still has and has just showed to her). Jae In can’t seem to remember meeting him and also hasn’t decided whether to help him or not. Lee An tries to get an agreement with a handshake but is rebuffed.

When An gets home, he sees Seong Mo leaving and guesses that he’s going to participate in the Suitcase case so he drives after him. However, as he’s following Seong Mo, a truck blocks his way. This happens to be the truck that the man in black who’s been stalking Seong Mo for years is driving. Lee An goes up to the truck when they stop at the station and tries to see the man inside. The truck starts moving and Lee An chases after it in the mustang.

As he’s driving, he calls Seong Mo and tells him that he had been followed. Seong Mo tells Lee An not to follow him, but Lee An hangs up so Seong Mo runs out after him.

Meanwhile on the road, it is a pretty crazy chase by Lee An. Mmmm, some nice Mustang driving shots with super unrealistic sound effects lol. Was that a shift?

Lee An almost gets driven off the road but manages to follow the truck to a stop. He rashly gets out and walks up to the truck, but the seat is empty when he arrives.

From nowhere, the man jumps out and stabs Lee An. Cut to a scene of Jae In poetically knocking her red candies off a table. Lee An grabs the man’s hand that is holding the knife and sees visions of the man stalking Seong Mo for years, all the way back to 2005 with the large explosion. “Who are you? Why are you following my Hyung?” He asks.

Some people come on the scene and interrupt the would be killer and the man runs away. Lee An is taken to the hospital by an ambulance and is lucid enough to tell Seong Mo that the man has been watching him ever since the apartment even.

Eun Ji Soo is with them and appears startled at the news. On the way back to meet with Dr. Hong at the station, Eun Ji Soo is trying to ask Seong Mo if he knows who it is. Does he think it’s the criminal?

Kang Seong Mo pulls over and walks to the edge of a bridge. Ji Soo follows him and asks why he hides so much, why can’t he share? He says he doesn’t want to be regretful?

Leaving her station, Jae In looks around for Lee An, but of course he’s not there. So Hyeon is arriving home from work at that moment. She asks who Jae In is waiting for and guesses correctly that it’s Lee An. They end up sharing drinks and food with Jae In’s aunt near So Hyeon’s sleeping girl (from that pregnancy two years ago).

Dae Bong calls Lee An in the hospital bed and asks if he’s crazy for racing HIS car. Oh come on, I would have had fun doing that myself. Dae Bong says to bring the car back and never call him again.

Dae Bong hangs up quickly, and just then Jae In pulls up to the gas station Dae Bong is at with a sleeping So Hyeon and child in the back seat.

At the station, Dr. Hong has identified the corpse, and both Seong Mo and Ji Soo are shocked to hear it is Kang Hee Soo the caretaker who had disappeared after the nursing home fire two years ago. That same one that Lee An supposedly saw wearing a ring. But Dr. Hong says it doesn’t make sense; the corpse has to be at least 4 or 5 years old. That must mean it was someone else who was working at the nursing home 2 years ago.

Meanwhile, the man in black has arrived at the hospital. Is he trying to finish the job? Seong Mo is at a subway for an uknown reason, but when the man in black enters Lee An’s room, An thinks it’s his Hyung so he gets up to surprise him.

When the man gets close, An rolls him up in the curtain. His stomach starts to hurt, and he asks the person in the curtain why he’s so late.

CREDITS! Woo another episode. I’m late with this one because I got distracted watching Dae Jang Geum, so you’re welcome that I took a break. We’ll see how soon Episode 6 gets a recap…

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  1. So, let me ask you this- what is with Pros. Kang and Jae in? Does he have romantic feelings for her; is it guilt over what he did; is he obsessed with her like his father was with his mother? I got up to ep 13, and honestly, the plot’s gotten so stupid that I can’t continue. I love the cast though, not the turns in the story that make absolutely no sense–i.e. who the culprit is…..(trying not to spoil anything…)

    1. I have to be honest with you, I’ve yet to finish the drama myself yet. Certain events that happened made me not want to continue either. However, I know how it ends and I’ll just say it’s not fulfilling. I think Pros. Kang was helping Jae In out of guilt, but also to get her to help Lee An (also out of guilt) 😭😭 Ji Soo was my favorite cast I think which made it all so much more disappointing…

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