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Lee An covers Jae In with his coat

Hey guys, sorry for the late recap. It’s going to be (relatively) quick this time so I can catch up on new episodes too, but I’ll include some pictures to make up for it!

And yet again, in what I’m guessing is going to happen most every episode, we start back in 2005, with the man in the window who found Seong Mo and his mother. This time however, the scene goes on and we see that Seong Mo spotted the man in the window. Seong Mo tells his cowering mother to do exactly what he says, and by the time the creepy stalker arrives at their door, the place is empty.

I just want to quickly point out, that the soundtrack at this part is a very good orchestral piece. I would listen to it on its own.

Cut to Seong Mo standing on an overpass (and continue the epic score). His thoughts wander, mostly thinking about Lee An.

Next the scene changes to the end of last episode, with the stalker man walking to An’s door in the hospital. Dun dun dun!

The door opens, and Lee An secretly climbs out of bed. The camera shot only shows the shoes approaching, and then Lee An wraps the intruder up in his bed curtain.

And they’ve fooled us! Last episode it seemed apparent that this was the stalker/murderer, but it’s just Yoon Jae In. “Are you going to let go of me?” Lee AN quickly unwraps her from the curtain, and as she’s falling off balance, he catches her on his back… back to back. Smooth.

Jae In the Intruder
Lee An catches Jae In on his back

Yoon Jae In is worried about Lee An, having heard of the stabbing from Dae Bong, but she’s also there to tell him she will train him. Hilariously she wonders if training him will make her stupid. Outside the room, the stalker watches on.

Meanwhile, Detective Eun Ji Soo and Prosecutor Kang Seong Mo are in a meeting with their subordinates about the two Kang Hee Sooks (the real one from the river and the fake one from Hanmin).

During the meeting, Kang Seong Mo starts talking casually to Eun Ji Soo and it throws her for a big loop. She stumbles through her speech, replying in 반말 (banmal: informal speech) before talking on formal endings. After Seong Mo leaves, she has to get confirmation from a subordinate that he actually was speaking informally. The fact appears to both scare her make her giddy. Doesn’t he want to get closer? ;D I wasn’t sure about these two at first, but the more I see of Ji Soo the more I like her, and I want these two together! 😀

Ji Soo tacks on a formal ending
Ji Soo tacks on a formal ending

As Yoon Jae In leaves the hospital, she tells Lee An not to be thankful, because she’s training him for herself. He says it doesn’t matter, because he’s doing it for her too. Awwwwww.

Back in his hospital room, Lee An touches the curtains and laughs as he sees a memory of Jae In getting wrapped up inside it. And at his bed there’s some food left by Seong Mo who tells him via text that he knows he has questions, but he won’t answer them yet.

At the bus stop, Seong Mo stops and picks up Jae In. She asks who stabbed An but he says he isn’t sure. However, he can’t leave things mixed up anymore. They stop at the prosecutor’s office and Seong Mo gives Jae In the journal he’s kept on Lee An’s abilities. She asks how much she has to train Lee An and Seong Mo says until An can successfully read him (since he hasn’t been able to)… (except when he saw Jae In briefly in a memory)…

The next day, Jae In goes to visit her father. When she tells him she plans to dig into the past, he abruptly tells her that he was the one who killed all those people and not to come back before leaving without looking back. Ouch. (Side note: Shin Ye Eun is a really good actress. I should finish watching A-Teen)

At the hospital, Dae Bong picks up Lee An when he’s discharged, but Lee An naturally drives the mustang while Dae Bong sits shotgun. Lee An takes them straight to the correction facility to see Jae In. Dae Bong complains, but then notices So Hyeon is here as well, and gets out of the car quite eagerly. 🙂 I’m not so keen on this couple story, but it’s not a terrible side story.

Inside the station, Lee An is touched to see that Jae In made rice cakes for him, but it’s just a test: they’re filled with mustard, and he wasn’t able to tell when picking it up. She passes him some water, but it’s actually fish sauce. Fail. Fail. Two failed tests. Hahahaha.

Lee An doesn't read his food
Lee An fails his tests

He complains, but she tells him of the 10,000 hour rule. To become a pro at something, you have to put 10,000 hours into it. If you invested 24 hours a day, that would still be 417.66667 days.

To that end, she takes him to a library and stacks a bunch of books in his arms. Read them all, or he’ll have to deal with the consequences. Her theory is that the more he knows, the more he’ll be able to understand of what he sees. Well, I guess that makes sense. Lee An however, doesn’t seem to enthused.

Indeed, after he uses his powers to find a culprit who hid books in another woman’s backpack to make it look like she was stealing books, he simply falls asleep while “reading”. So when he gets a call from Ji Soo Noona asking if he wants to come and get a read of the corpse he helped find, he’s all for it.

He ends up convincing Jae In and the two head off to the autopsy room. However, Yoon Jae In decides they need to see the case files before Lee An gets a read so he’ll be better able to understand what he sees. Ji Soo is impressed at her thinking, and goes to collect the files.

But on her way back, Ji Soo runs into Kang Seong Mo in the elevator. She has to admit what’s going on, and he says he’ll come too after he gets a sketch of the fake Kang Hee Sook from a witness.

Ji Soo asks why Seong Mo wants to put Lee An and Jae In together, and when he won’t answer, she notes that he always knows everything she’s thinking, but she doesn’t know anything he’s thinking unless he tells her. She goes to leave, but in a show of opening up, Seong Mo tells Ji Soo that Yoon Jae In’s father is Yoon Tae Ha, the convicted criminal of the YeongSeong apartment case. Ji Soo is a bit flabbergasted at the revelation and looks at Jae In differently.

Meanwhile, back at Lee An and Seong Mo’s apartment, the stalker breaks in and takes a good look around their place.

After waiting awhile, Ji Soo says they’ll start the reading of the body without Kang Seong Mo since he’s taking too long.

Lee An touches the body and sees that Kim Gab Young, the witness who was killed two years ago, was actually the one to kill the body. In the memory, Kim Gab Young said that his client had ordered it. Eventually, Lee An faints from the vision, seeing himself getting clubbed to death.

Now the part of the episode that got me down… back in the prison, we see Yoon Jae In’s father wait till the last guards have done their rounds, and then he appears to hang himself.

Kang Seong Mo has finally shown up in the autopsy room and when An comes around, he explains what he saw to him as well. When they leave, An wants to go with Seong Mo and get some answers, but for a change, Kang Seong Mo says that Eun Ji Soo has some questions he needs to answer.

Lee An and Jae In are left and wait together at a bus stop. As they wait, Jae In gets a phone call from her aunt about her father. She starts to hyperventilate again and Lee An covers her head with his coat, holding her to calm her down.

Cue the end of the episode!

Lee An covers Jae In with his coat

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