He is Psychometric Ep 7 Recap

Lee An catches Jae In

Time for another recap, here’s ep 7 of He is Psychometric! Well okay, past time! But here goes. And pictures because you deserve them.

And again we start back in time this time with Yoon Jae In and her father decorating a Christmas tree outside the apartment complex. Kang Seong Mo is walking by and Jae In notes that he’s limping again. Her father sees that Seong Mo’s sock is bloody, so he stops him and bandages his wound. Seong Mo is reluctant, but Jae In’s father says leaving small wounds can kill you. When her father leaves to get medicine, Jae In briefly manages to make Seong Mo smile.

Back in the drama’s preset, Ji Soo is out with Seong Mo grilling him on why he’s forcing Jae In and Lee An together. She’s worried about both of them being hurt when they found out about who the other is.

Ji Soo is worried about Lee An and Jae In

The scene then changes back to Jae In and Lee An waiting at the bust stop (where the last episode ended). She’s trying to get him to ride a bus, but he complains about fainting and manages to convince her to let him get a taxi.

As they’re talking about the case and the past, Jae In then gets that phone call from the last episode from her Aunt (about her father), and starts hyperventilating. Lee An covers her with his coat, saying not to worry, that he won’t touch her yet. He then manages to get her a taxi and they head to the hospital. Only Jae In is aloud to go in, so Lee An waits outside the room. She gives him back his coat when she enters the room, and Lee An gets a quick flashback of her mumbling inside it, begging her dad not to die.

Inside the room, Jae In’s father tells her to live like he doesn’t exist anymore. She asks him why he’s like this when she only just started; why does he sound so weak? He reaches out to touch her cheek and she grabs his hand:

“Dad, don’t you remember saying not to leave a small wound because it can grow and kill you? I’m going to do this. So please, don’t be weak.”

Jae In visits her father
Jae In holds her father’s hand in the hospital

When she leaves the room, multiple kids in order come up to her, give her a sucker and a hug. She wonders what is happening and follows one of the kids into a back room where Lee An is bribing them with the candies, saying he’ll give them one if they give one to the most pretty Noona outside and give her a hug. 😀

On their way home, he asks if her father is okay. She gives him a look, and he explains that’s all he saw from the coat.

As they continue walking, she wonders where he has to touch to get a good Psychometric reading. He says the best is first hands, the more sensitive the better. He also wonders if they’ve had this discussion before and remember his dream from 2 years ago where he’d dreamed of them kissing when she reason the most sensitive place was the lips… Lol, he’s remembering things that didn’t happen.

In real life, she ends up deciding that the most sensitive place must be the index finger, right as he says it’s the lips. He quickly agrees that it’s the index finger though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When An arrives home, he practices his Psychometry by touching the door keys instead of using his swipe card. Because of this, he sees that the stalker has entered their apartment. Rashly, he enters with his hands covered and checks that the stalker is no longer in the apartment. Their dog is huddled under a bed though.

He goes down to security and they mention that their was a complaint earlier because the dog was barking so much. Kang Seong Mo comes and asks if they have any CCTV footage from around that time. The security guard says they don’t because their was an unscheduled CCTV checkup at the time due to a sudden malfunction report. As they enter the apartment, Lee An starts to say that he looked and nothing appears to be missing, but Seong Mo walks straight to the framed photograph of him and his mother. It’s missing.

Lee An asks who it this person is. Seong Mo reveals that he abandoned Lee An back then at the orphanage because of that person. But now he says he will find that person. And he will kill him. Oooh, he looks dead serious.

Seong Mo says he'll kill the stalker
Seong Mo says he’ll kill the stalker

Meanwhile, Ji Soo is visiting Jae In at the station and says that Prosecutor Kang told her about Jae In’s father. Can she tell her about that day? Her father was in charge of that case.

Jae In says that she doesn’t have any clear evidence that her father is innocent, but that she has a question of the evidence that was used to accuse her father: his bloody uniform. She says that she has a memory of him leaving the coat with her before leaving on that night, but she’s not sure if it’s a memory or an illusion. Ji Soo realizes that that’s why she wants Lee An to her memory, to see if her father actually gave her his uniform on that day.

The next morning Lee An is going to–you guessed it–go visit Jae In, but he doesn’t have a car anymore. However, as he starts jogging off, Dae Bong pulls up in his red Mustang and tells him to get in. Yep, he’s off to see his girl too.

So Hyeon gets to work at the office for the day and finds a wallet dropped outside the door filled with cash. She gives it to Lee An and inside she finds a credit card for Lee Dae Bong. Just then, the card holder and Lee An walk in and So Hyeon gives them the stink eye before exiting the room. Dae Bong of course runs after her with his wallet.

Jae In says she thinks Dae Bong dropped it on purpose, but Lee An doesn’t think so, why would he?

Dae Bong tries to compensate So Hyeon for finding his wallet, but she throws his money at him asking if she’s a beggar. Lee An and Jae In watch through the window and Jae In says she knew it would happen. Lee An bets his two wrists that Dae Bong didn’t drop the wallet on purpose; he’s not smart enough to do that.

Whose wrists do you think you’re betting? Jae In says he can’t bet his wrists because they’re shared wrists now.

“Shared?” (pronounced Gong Yoo) “Okay,” Lee An says. Jae In sighs: “NOT the actor!” And then the theme song “Beautiful Life” from Goblin starts playing hahahaha. Gong Yoo indeed.

Back at the library, Yoon Jae In plops another stack of books in front of Lee An: books on laws of psychology, crime, and to top it off, a New Language Dictionary. Then she leaves him to the books.

He quickly flips through it until he finds “Gong Yoo” (Shared): Two or more people owning one thing.

Ha, he exclaims, see he knew what it meant. Yeah right, not the actor, huh? He starts to act all sheepish thinking about her saying shared wrists.

Just then Dae Bong comes and starts whining, saying he upset So Hyeon didn’t he. Dae Bong ends up giving Lee An his Mustang car keys, but when Lee An hugs him, he sees in a memory that Dae Bong actually did drop the wallet on purpose.

At the office, an assistant gives Seong Mo some documents on Kim Gap Yong (the witness of the Hanmin case and murderer of the suitcase case). Apparently he has fraud, assault, and blackmail on his records. Seong Mo also actually met him once as a victim back when he first started his prosecuting career. At the time, was the leader of the action team at an employment center that actually works in human trafficking and identity laundering. There was a sting to catch the gang back in the day, but apparently they didn’t get everyone and they’re still thriving.

Through some talk of her superior officer boasting about the sting, Jae In finds out about this employment “company” Kim Gap Yong used to be a part of as well and goes to tell Lee An. It’s called “Dragon Head Hunting” employment agency and they both head out to go check it out. Oh how smart…

When they arrive, Jae In is expecting a flailing company after the scattering sting years ago, but instead it appears to be a thriving company taking up a huge building. After entering, they’re ushered to a waiting room to meet with someone to talk about finding jobs. They lie and say they don’t have their ID’s, give mostly fake names, and say they have bad credit.

This last statement seems to perk their attendants attention most, and he gives them both drinks before leaving the room to find someone to help them.

Neither is getting a whole human trafficking feel from the company, instead it appears very normal. Jae In suggests looking around talking later about it with Prosecutor Kang and Officer Eun. However, when Lee An touches the drink, he sees it’s been tampered with; something is definitely fishy with the company.

They try to leave quite surreptitiously, but the attendant catches them and shows them a recording of them talking about Kang and Eun. Uh oh, they’re in trouble!

They’re both surrounded by a bunch of thugs and Lee An asks if Jae In can fight. She says of course, because she doesn’t do anything without being the best and graduated top of her class. He says he’ll try not to touch her, but she says she doesn’t care.

Jae In and Lee An fight as a team
Jae In and Lee An fight as a team
Lee An catches Jae In

And thus ensues a very entertaining fight which I know I can’t translate accurately in words. Suffice it to say, the two fight well together. They end up making it back to the elevator, but as they reach it, the doors open and a squad of police exit!

Kang and Eun, unaware that Lee An and Jae In are at the company, have managed to gather a police squad for a new gang attack on the company. Jae In and Lee An try to sneak out of the building, but they see Kang and Eun entering so they end up on the rooftop of the building to hide. Jae In doesn’t want to be caught because she’s realized what they did was stupid and doesn’t want Kang or Eun to know.

And apparently it was very stupid. They see the police escorting 47 thugs out of the building.

They start talking and Jae In says that this time she’s not going to run away from him and tells him to read her for practice today. Right now, right here.

She holds out her hand, but then sticks out just her index finger. “This is the most sensitive part, right?”


Lee An stares at her awhile before disagreeing. “Nope, wrong. That’s not it. I told you, the most sensitive part is here:”

And then he does it guys. He goes in for the kiss!

:O 😀 😀 🙂

Lee An kisses Jae In unexpectedly
Jae In was not expecting to be kissed

The end. (of ep 7 duh)

Kissing on the Rooftop
Kissing on the Rooftop

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