He is Psychometric Ep 8 Recap

After this episode (8) of He is Psychometric, we’ll be half way through the drama! I did watch this episode the day it aired, but I’m only getting around to writing a recap now, so I’ll throw in more pictures as an apology 😉

Guess how the episode starts? Yep, back in 2005.

This time it starts with Lee An and his dad talking to Seong Mo who’s just sitting on a bench watching the surroundings. Since Lee An’s father is a detective, he gives a business card to Seong Mo and tells him to call him if he ever needs help. Seong Mo’s sock is still stained with blood around the ankle.

Seong Mo talks with Ji Soo's father
Seong Mo talks with Ji Soo’s father

Back in the drama’s present day, we see how Seong Mo managed to get the task force to raid the building from last episode; he talked to Eun Ji Soo’s father and said they would have no option but to suspect him of collusion if he didn’t give authorization for an operation. Ji Soo’s father gives them officers for the job, but we see later that he is actually involved in this case, as he goes to meet the president of a company that was backing the raided company. He gave them a warning about the raid so they were able to destroy evidence before hand.

Back on the rooftop, the kiss is happening! ;D “It’s not there (the finger), it’s here” * kiss *

“Ya! Neo-” Jae In says after pushing him away… but only after they kissed for a good few seconds.

Lee An says he doesn’t do things half way. He was stepping on the brake, but she gave him the go ahead. She says she knows, and she’s the one using his feelings to her advantage.

Lee An says he doesn’t believe that she doesn’t have feelings for him, and she hesitantly asks what he saw in her memories.

Of course, he says that he saw a lot of memories about himself. She vehemently denies it (when did I do that?) using far too many negatives. Did I actually do that? What am I going to do…

Jae In is in denial
Jae In is in denial

“So you actually were thinking about me!” Lee An says as she runs away.

She turns red and runs up to him and starts kicking and hitting him. He claims he was using “reading questions” he learned in his studying to get her to admit her feelings. She chases after him still as they head off the roof, correcting him: it’s “LEADING questions”.

Outside the building, Seong Mo makes a joke, and Ji Soo says she thinks he’s making a change for the better, but it’s because of Jae In, not herself like she’d always hoped. She doesn’t allow him to get in a word otherwise, and heads back into the building telling him he can leave.

On the roof, Jae In wonders how Lee An could see nothing after all of that. He claims it needs to be sudden and next time she should do it when he isn’t expecting it.

She says it’s crazy, she’s not going to do that. Lee AN claims he was talking about touching, what was she thinking about? Lol.

As they head to the elevator, Ji Soo steps out of the elevator and they’re caught.

Ji Soo catches the two at the company
Ji Soo catches the two at the company

Jae In apologizes for them being there and says she only found out about the building coincidentally. Lee An wonders why Ji Soo isn’t getting mad and she admits it’s because she wants to look respectable in front of Jae In. But Lee An spills the beans that Jae In became a police officer because of Ji Soo so she doesn’t have to worry. This causes Ji Soo to wonder if Jae In likes women… lol… she was just kissing your dongsaeng on the rooftop…

Something I didn’t mention in previous recaps (I’ll give you extras for the wait), was that the librarian who also lives at the same apartment complex as Lee An thinks that Lee An and Seong Mo are a couple and that Lee An was cheating on Seong Mo with Dae Bong. 😀

Out to eat dinner, Ji Soo asks Lee An and Jae In how far they’ve progressed in their studies… KISSING. They can’t say that though, so Lee An says they’re doing fine. However, Jae In claims there hasn’t been much progress.

At the chicken shop, So Hyeon is picking up half a chicken and Dae Bong comes to the store. So Hyeon rails on him asking why he’s stalking her, before leaving in a huff. Dae Bong, however, is actually a regular at the shop. The owner says he should clear up the misunderstanding, but Dae Bong says not to, since it would hurt So Hyeon’s pride and make her embarrassed. Better to leave the misunderstanding in place.

Lee An drops Jae In off (in “his” mustang…) and Jae In says tomorrow is his day off so they’ll meet in a place he likes the least.

He starts to rattle off the places that he doesn’t like: Movie theatres, amusement parks, fireworks, famous restaurants… Ah wait! he lights up. All those places are where you would go for dates! “Bye” says Jae In, deadpan. As Lee An drives away, we can see Seong Mo watching from his car. He steps out as Lee An leaves, but then we see that Seong Mo is also being watched by the stalker as he watches Jae In.

(Note: Jae In previously read in Seong Mo’s journal that Lee An doesn’t like crowded places because it’s easy to touch people)

Jae In puts on makeup
Jae In puts on makeup

The next morning, Jae In is getting dressed for her “date”. As she’s applying lipstick she stops. Uh, what am I putting on right now? She ends up texting Lee An as he’s getting ready that they won’t have a lesson today.

As Seong Mo leaves, Lee An says he’s going to read his books. After exiting the apartment, Seong Mo heads to the elevator, but turns around and goes back to the door. He pauses, and then looks up to see the camera the stalker installed (and how he figured out the password to the apartment). He talks as the stalker watches and says if that (killing him) is the only way to go, he’ll do it.

Seong Mo finds the hidden camera
Seong Mo finds the hidden camera

At the station, Ji Soo is interrogating the gangster guy from the “Employment Agency” who interviewed Lee An and Jae In before they were outed. He confirms that Kim Gab Young was the murderer, but won’t talk much about the sketch they have of the fake Kang Hee Sook. However, he mentions that the killer of Gab Young was impossible to catch on CCTV which sounds like the stalker guy.

After the interrogation, Ji Soo is talking to Seong Mo and mentions that this is no ordinary company. They have big backing and even manage YSS Construction’s slush fund. Seong Mo pauses, because this is the company that Ji Soo’s father has connections with (the ones he warned about the raid). Seong Mo says it complicates things now.

Not much later it appears they’re taken off of the YSS part of the case, and Seong Mo says it’s best if she’s not part of the case. She asks why and he says that she could be in danger from the stalker guy because he’ll take anything that is precious to him. “What?” is Ji Soo’s only response.

Ji Soo is surprised
Ji Soo is surprised but not scared that she’s in danger because she’s close to Seong Mo

Meanwhile, Lee An can’t get any readings on any of the books in Seong Mo’s room. However, he finds a Korean dictionary with lots of words about emotion underlined and worn as if read a lot.

As the viewer, it’s becoming more apparent as the show goes on, that Seong Mo actually can’t (or has trouble) feeling emotions and physical pain. This book seems to solidify this and would explain why Lee An can’t usually read him, since his readings are based off of emotions. It also brings to question whether Jae In is someone who can evoke rare emotions in Seong Mo. We’ve seen the only time that Lee An got a reading from Seong Mo was when he had just seen Jae In, and back in 2005 she made him smile. He also laughed a bit earlier before leaving the apartment when he was thinking about Jae In.

After her meeting with Kang Seong Mo, Ji Soo calls Lee AN in a fluster, saying he needs to learn to get a read on Seong Mo right away because she want’s to know what he’s thinking. After hanging up, she wonders since when she was something that Seong Mo cherishes.

Jae In calls Lee An and says that actually they’ll meet up at his house today.

At another gas station, Dae Bong is attending as So Hyeon pulls up. She appears to be subdued since her outburst last time, and Dae Bong politely attends as she changes her screaming child’s diaper. Dae Bong apologizes about offering her money earlier when she found his wallet, and she says it’s okay, she was only mad at herself for almost taking it, because she doesn’t want to be a shameful mom.

At the apartment, Lee An is tidying up the house (and his appearance). When Jae In arrives, he ushers her in and offers a pair of red slippers for her use. 😀 He then asks if she wants coffee and cue an ad for coffee.

Jae In asks about Seong Mo and the investigation and Lee An laments that he doesn’t tell him anything, then tells her about Seong Mo saying he would kill the stalker.

Lee An goes on to say they shouldn’t train in a place like this, because it makes him focused only on her. She dryly comments that his brakes are completely out of order ;D (note as opposed to him letting go of the brakes he had on for their relationship)

Jae In asks where Kang Seong Mo’s room is and Lee An shows her, saying he couldn’t get any glimpses from anything. He does tell her about the time he saw a woman but neither is aware it was her. Lee An only knows it wasn’t Ji Soo.

After checking out Seong Mo’s room, Lee An says they should check out his room (with a big grin on his face).

He asks if it’s her first time in a man’s room and she scoffs. He’s a bit taken aback, but says he doesn’t. “What are you talking about we were literally just in Seong Mo’s room” (paraphrased lol). Ahhhhh

Lee An shows Jae In the dictionary with the highlighted feelings and she says his new homework is to go through the whole dictionary and feel (and read) every word. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, Kang Seong Mo has found the burner phone the stalker had used to connect to the camera he installed at their apartment and he bags it to send to evidence. It’s been damaged since the stalker threw it in a fire. The team is able to retrieve photos from the phone and send them to Kang Seong Mo. The first ones appear to be him and Ji Soo graduating, but as he scrolls through them, it shows Lee An back when she worked at a convenience store, and Seong Mo starts to shake in anger.

Seong Mo recovers photos of Jae In
Seong Mo recovers photos of Jae In

At the Community Security Center where Jae In works, someone has cut the CCTV wire in front of the building. When Jae In walks inside, there’s a man hanging around entertaining the ladies with her aunt by bending wires into shapes.

At his apartment, Lee An is finally able to get a read when touching the vowel 아프다 (pain). IT’s a memory of Seong Mo’s mother explaining what the word means and how it’s bad to cause pain to others.

Thrilled at his success, Lee An runs to meet Jae In. He runs into the building as the mysterious man is leaving and the man hears the start of a conversation between Lee An and Jae In about him seeing something through the dictionary. Jae In shushes him, but the stalker looks contemplative.

The stalker overhears a conversation
The stalker overhears a conversation

Outside on the swings, with snow falling around them, Jae In is disappointed with the little that Lee An saw in the memory. Neither seems to be on the train of thought that I’ve been thinking with Seong Mo’s emotions though.

Lee An goes to tie Jae In’s untied shoelaces and she subconsciously scoots away when he reaches out his hand.

He holds out his hands to catch the snow, saying how he loves snow because there is no pain, no memories, and you don’t have to ask permission to touch it.

Jae In then comes up and links their fingers together. Is this part of their sudden touch expirement or her true feelings?

Jae In holds Lee An's hand
Holding hands!

Well, all Lee An sees in Jae In’s memories seems to be memories of himself; offering to help her when she’s ready, stopping the teacher with acid, offering to be her bodyguard, telling her he’s doing this all for her, fainting in the lab, covering her with jacket, catching her in the fight at the fake company.

He looks at her. “You’ve totally been caught,” he says. “Your feelings.”

Lee An goes in for a kiss
Lee An goes in for the kiss

And then he pulls her towards him for another kiss as the snow falls around them. She doesn’t push him away this time. The kiss is short, but Lee An then bends down and ties her shoelaces, telling her not to run away or cry alone anymore.

“The past you’ve been running from, I help you with everything.”

A tear falls down Jae In’s cheek as the snow continues to fall around them and the episode ends.

A tear falls down Jae In's cheek
A tear falls down Jae In’s cheek

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