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Shocked Lee An

I’m falling further and further behind in my recaps! Ah well, here is Episode 9 recap. I’ve already started on episode 10 recap, but for some reason this one took me a while to get all written up! Limited pictures today so I can get it out quickly… 🙁

Back in 2005 (November), Lee An and other children from the apartment complex are playing cops in the stairwell. They run into Seong Mo hanging out in the stair well, looking out the window. Lee thinks it’s odd that he’s not at school but he’s dressed in his school uniform.

Seong Mo brushes past him and into the elevator in which Jae In is currently riding. Lee An follows them and Jae In asks Seong Mo the same question, why he’s wearing his uniform but not going to school. This time he answers saying say that his mother doesn’t worry. The elevator stops and he gets out and limps away.

Lee An asks Jae In to play cops with him, and she says she will but right now she’s busy. We can see in her hands she holds the firetruck warning signs her father passes out to bring awareness to parking issues.

Cut back to the drama’s present with Lee An and Jae In at the swing-set in the snow. This time, as Lee An kisses Jae In, we see what he sees through the touching of their lips.

It starts with eggs being thrown at her, general bullying, breathing in her paper bag. Then she’s a child again, falling down and breaking her Christmas tree music box while crying for her father as he’s taken away by officers. Then further back to her father putting the star on top of the Christmas tree which we saw in a previous episode before she was able to make Seong Mo smile.

Again, as the kiss ends, they look at each other for a few seconds before Lee An bends down and ties Jae In’s shoelaces. As he does so, it cuts to a scene of her father tying her shoes in the same way.

“Don’t run away or cry by yourself anymore,” Lee An. He’ll help her with everything. A tear rolls down her cheek and she asks if he saw everything about her. But he says he only saw a little, yet he felt her emotions.

He wonders why of all people he can see the past; wouldn’t it be better to see the future? But now he knows why he can see the past: so that he can help her get rid of all her bad memories. Now he can give her good memories.

Needless to say, Jae In looks quite touched lol. He looked very sincere throughout this interaction.

As Lee An walks Jae In back to the security center, Seong Mo watches from his car.

Ji Soo and Hong are drinking together. Ji Soo appears downcast and discloses that as a child she had a sickness where her heart would beat rapidly. Apparently it’s called Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT).

Anyways, she says after she recovered she went to the orphanage where Lee An was staying; her father was An’s father’s junior colleague, and wasn’t able to take An in, but he was concerned about him. That was where she met Kang Seong Mo.

We see a memory from her past where she’s playing football (soccer) with kids at the orphanage and goes to talk to An who’s sitting with Seong Mo. She asks why they aren’t playing and Lee AN says because he hates touching people and Seong Mo says he sees no fun in soccer.

Ji Soo's memory
Ji Soo remembers when she first met Kang Seong Mo

Playfully, Ji Soo ruffles Lee An’s hair, but he pushes her off angrily, then asks if she was ever in the hospital for a long time, like having surgeries. She asked how he knew, and he turns to Seong Mo to complain that he saw it again, then runs off. Seong Mo confronts Ji Soo and tells her not to come if it’s just for pity or sympathy, but instead to re-investigate the apartment case before stalking off himself.

Even then, Ji Soo tells Hong, Seong Mo thought there was something wrong with the Yeongseong apartment case. Ji Soo says she became a detective because she wanted to prove her father hadn’t done anything wrong, but Hong says there is something suspicious with what they’ve learned recently with Hanmin Care Home and Kim Gab Yong and the similar murders.

Ji Soo says that she’s afraid that her father was wrong, that there’s a secret she doesn’t know. I really like this character and I’m afraid her father is going to break her heart.

Meanwhile Seong Mo is studying security footage. He finds footage (in the subway I believe), of our stalker entering a door and coming out some time later dressed in a different outfit.

At the library, Lee An picks up a book he had read earlier (because we’ve seen this page before, it’s called Criminal Psychology), and reads out the word “Alexithymia” meaning the Inability to express emotion. Seems he is suspicious of Kang Seong Mo’s ability to feel as well.

Back with Seong Mo, he’s interrogating the thug from the employment agency once more on his own. He is able to verify that Kim Gab Yong called him right before he died and that he had asked him to move a woman named Kim Song Hee quickly who was staying at Pureum Care Home in Gangwondo. However, the thug says the woman was already missing when he arrived and he hadn’t even seen her face.

Kang Seong Mo arrives home at the apartment complex and someone is following him. He hids behind the corner and grabs the person when they come around, but it turns out to be Lee An.

Seong Mo asks what he’s doing, and Lee An responds by stamping on his foot! :D:D:D

Lee An stomps on Seong Mo's foot
Lee An stomps on Seong Mo’s foot

Seong Mo yells out in pain and grabs his foot. It hurts, it hurts right? Lee An asks. He says he’s glad he hurt because he thought Hyung might have Alexithymia and he wanted to check. I’m not quite sure by his reaction what Seong Mo is thinking. He doesn’t deny it, but doesn’t confirm it either. Instead, he seems more surprised that Lee An was able to come to this conclusion from just the dictionary and says he’s jealous of An’s ability if he can see his mother through the book. I was fairly certain he did have Alexithymia, but that was good acting if he does have it. Well of course, this is all acting right…

After Seong Mo takes a shower (because we always need shower scenes), Lee An knocks on his door and says he’ll put a pain patch on his foot. When he sees Seong Mo’s ankle, he’s taken aback at how bad it still looks. This wound has stuck around even since 2005 with his limp and the blood on that ankle. What is it from? Did I miss that somehow?

Lee An tells Seong Mo, “what your mother said, don’t ever forget it,” and Seong Mo remembers his mother telling him he can never kill anyone or she would be very hurt. Then Lee An says he’ll find the guy.

I hope it’s fine with you guys, but there’s a scene of the old cop and the aunt at the center and I’ve been skipping lots of scenes like this with these two (rooomantic tension) because I find it needless and boring. So yeah. 🙂

Anyway I have to mention the scene a bit because it leads into Dae Bong coming in on them eating together and asking where Lee An is, then stating that So Hyeon is still there.

It turns out, that one of the mother’s of the children So Hyeon looks after at the center is berating So Hyeon calling her a child abuser because her daughter told her that her teacher hit her.

I guess this scene doesn’t have much to do with the main story either, but I like Dae Bong and So Hyeon and it has them together :D. Anyway, the older cop guy is able to prove that the kid actually fell off the table and lied to her mother so she wouldn’t be hit. As the mom storms off, Dae Bong follows after her and tells her not to abuse her child. We start to see that his father was abusive to him when he didn’t do well.

Aaaanyways, this is getting long and I’m not going to finish it if I don’t speed things up! Maybe I”ll come back and flesh out this part later because it’s adorable… (read: I won’t but I’m softening the blow)

Eun Ji Soo is on TV giving a statement on the case when Lee An stops by the station to see Jae In. He tells her she doesn’t have to pick out his book today because he knows what he wants to read and then says to leave some free time in the afternoon.

Ooooh hhahahaha. She asks what for and he says they should go out on a date today. I can’t put enough smiley faces in this recap guys 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

Ji Soo grills her partner who had been giving information to her father, and he says he’s sorry and partially redeems himself by letting her know that Seong Mo interrogated the thug when they weren’t around.

Jae In is recording what happened with Lee An’s abilities the next day. Her mind wanders and she accidentally writes down that they kissed! She then wonders if he’ll be able to see this if he reads her again…

Subject: Jae In
Contents: KISS

She heads to the library to make sure Lee An is studying, and sees him studiously reading a book in the corner. However, once she leaves we see he’s actually diligently reading “100 Ways to Steal Their Heart on the First Date”. 😀

While she’s getting ready for their date, Jae In falls and hurts herself while showering with her eyes closed so that Lee An won’t be able to see it in her thoughts hehehehe.

Lee An takes them to a music box shop where they can customize their own music box for their date. They each end up secretly making a music box for the other person.

The First Date
Lee An and Jae In on their first date!

While in the process of their creations (with their backs to each other so they can’t see), Lee An tells how he met Dae Bong:

Dae Bong was given a dare to kiss Lee An to join a gang. He did it and Lee An sees who asked and goes to beat them up. Dae Bong hangs around him after that, constantly touching him, and Lee An sees the abuse he receives. One day he gets fed up and takes a baseball bat to Dae Bong’s Father’s favorite car. The charges are dropped because Dae Bong took a beating to save his friend, and they were real friends after that.

Lee An asks about Jae In and So Hyeon, and she reveals that So Hyeon’s father made an important statement that convicted Jae In’s father as the criminal. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite expecting that between them, though we did know their past had something to do with her father.

Ji Soo also grills the thug on what Seong Mo asked and gets a call from Dr. Hong with a major discovery.

The sketch of Kim Song Hee that they have, looks surprisingly like Kang Seong Mo’s deceased mother! The corpse was badly burned but it had an ID was the DNA was never checked; it suddenly makes sense why Kang Seong Mo is leaving them out of the loop.

Meanwhile Kang Seong Mo has been locating CCTV’s and finds the path the criminal must have taken to get to the security center Jae In works at without getting caught by any cameras.

When Lee An drops off Jae In, they both give each other their secret music boxes and Jae In goes inside. She opens Lee An’s gift and sees a music box exactly like the Christmas tree music box she broke as a child that Lee An saw in her memories.

Outside, Lee An spots someone suspicious (the viewers can see it’s obviously the stalker guy), but as he curiously starts to wander over, Jae In runs back out crying, and gives him a back hug, thanking him profusely for the music box. It touched her so much, it’s exactly like the one that got broken.

Lee An reaches out to wipe a tear from her cheek, and finally sees a memory of her father that being arrested for the crime of the Yeongseong Apartment arson case. It also looks like he sees a brief glimpse of the scene Jae In has a hard time remembering, with the coat as he leaves.

Lee An steps back in shock. “Your father is Yoon Tae Ha?”

Aaaand the episode ends.

Shocked Lee An
Lee An is shocked to find out Jae In’s father is Yoon Tae Ha

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