I Picked up a Star on the Road Ep 1 Recap (pt 1)

Yeon Seo sees she hit Joon Hyuk

I’ve kind of been in a drama slump, so I started watching a show called I Picked up a Star on the Road AKA I Picked up a Celebrity on the Street. Whatever you want to call it. It’s kind of hard to find online and I haven’t seen any English subtitles for it yet, so I thought I’d post my thoughts on a few episodes so people could see it more easily.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve only found it on Oksusu if you live in South Korea (or can geolocate…) and a couple nondescript Chinese sites without subtitles. I recommend watching on Oksusu if you can figure it out. 😉

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything right, but I’m still learning Korean so I probably missed some stuff. Feel free to correct me if I say something wrong. Now let’s get into it! I’ll try to add a fair amount of pictures but I think as recaps go on (if people want more) then I’ll have to decrease picture count.

Episode 1 Recap (pt 1)

First off we start with a scene of our protagonist Lee Yeon Seo played by Kim Ga Eun. She’s cutting red strips of paper with her scissors, and I have no idea if that has any special meaning or not.

Lee Yeon Seo slumps on her desk

She’s thinking of her mother who helped her graduate from school and become at least a contract worker. But we can see she isn’t having an easy time of it. Her mother doesn’t want her to be like her.

Lee Yeon Seo's Chief

And here we get a first look at her manager. She immediately brightens up and puts on a fake face as he asks her for coffee, but as soon as he leaves, she hears the heels of the mean girl of the company. She wonders why Yeon Seo didn’t answer her phone and when Yeon Seo asks if she called, the girl wonders if she didn’t know about the meeting with Kang Joon Hyuk.

Mean Girl

Yep, so you just know she’s going to run into Kang Joon Hyuk at some point before she picks him off the street 🙂 (duh)

Mean girl then proceeds to ask for some hand made Gold Macaroons and a Wizzle Masterpiece Coffee set from the Royal Hotel Bakery or something. And when Yeon Seo asks if it is expensive, mean girl gives her 30 minutes.

Uh, she says she doesn’t think that’s possible.

Lee Yeon Seo fetching food

But she’s got to do it anyway, so off she runs to fulfill the order. We’re beginning to get the idea, that Lee Yeon Seo doesn’t really like working here, but she gives herself some comfort and says “Fighting”!

Lee Yeon Seo Tired

Next we’re introduced to Kang Joon Hyuk 😀

Kang Joon Hyuk in airport

It looks like he’s just had a concert and is arriving at the airport, or somewhere similar, wearing his cool shirt and sunglasses. A crowd of fans screams when he appears and one breaks through the guards and he lets her have a hug, acting all cool for his fans. Lol

Kang Joon Hyuk's face

However, he doesn’t seem too excited to go to the meeting we know he has at the company Lee Yeon Seo works at, which is called Bonjour.

As they’re preparing for the meeting, we see a bit of extra touching from Lee Yeon Seo’s Chief that she doesn’t seem comfortable with. They keep threatening her with her contract and she looks like she’s barely holding it in. Back in the hall, she explodes, but then we get the best scene so far. 😀

Some workers are working on the lights in the hall and suddenly they crack and go out. The workers disappear, probably for cinematic effect(?), and we get an amazing throwback to Goblin. 😀 the two guys walking with the light in the background, with the iconic OST. Of course, it’s Kang Joon Hyuk, and who I can only guess is his manager, and they pass Lee Yeon Seo as she thinks to herself that Joon Hyuk looks really cool.

Goblin Scene 1 Goblin Parody Lee Yeon Seo thinks Kang Joon Hyuk is cool Goblin parody 3

Okay, I’m going to have to stop posting so many pictures or I’ll never get this done!

Lee Yeon Seo then meets up with a friend at work in the hallway, and she tells her that she ran into Kang Joon Hyuk. Apparently the friend is a huge fan because she screams and runs off to find him.

In the meeting, Kang Joon Hyuk slaps the contract closed and says he isn’t doing it. His manager looks startled, and Lee Yeon Seo’s chief, who’s is the rep for Bonjour in the meeting, looks startled as well.  Since Lee Yeon Seo works in the Marketing department, I’m assuming (it may have been said) that they’re working on some sort of ad with him? He’s been pictured on several ads so far throughout the Bonjour workplace.

Kang Joon Hyuk stalks off, and his manager sends someone off after him. He escapes however, and opening a door to hide, runs in to Lee Yeon Seo. Okay, I do have to add pictures here. Get ready.

Lee Yeon Seo surprised to see Kang Joon Hyuk

He asks her how to access another door that’s badge protected, and she’s about open it on his compulsion (he winks and smiles) before slyly turning to him. Lol.

She asks him what he’s doing here, and says she knows he should be in a meeting. He asks her how she knows, and she’s about to say she’s also part of the Marketing team, before correcting herself and saying she’s a contract worker here. She asks if he’s doing the contract, and he says no. She gets visibly upset and asks why. I think they threatened her contract on this contract anyway…

He ignores her and tells her to forget it. Just then, they here someone yelling for his name. He looks startled, and she starts to call out that he is here, before he covers her mouth with his hand.

Kang Joon Hyuk quiets Lee Yeon Seo

He then takes her badge and proceeds to unlock the door. She tries to block him hilariously, but he eventually gets through. Lol, great first meeting. You know something like that had to happen 🙂

Kang Joon Hyuk tries to take her badge Kang Joon Hyuk realizes it's around her neckLee Yeon Seo grabs him around the waistLee Yeon Seo blocks the doorJoon Hyuk pushes through and throws the badge on her head

Back to her team, she’s getting reprimanded, we don’t even know why. How is this her fault anyway? She can’t stop thinking about it even later as she sits outside, and decides to call her mom. Hilariously, her mom is watching a show with Kang Joon Hyuk on the screen 😀 Her mom pushes her if she’s doing fine, but she says she’s good and hangs up.

After she calls her mom, she gets another call, which I think is from her next door neighbor, or someone that tells her he’s coming by her work. This is the Oppa we’ll also get to know, so don’t worry if I don’t share any pics yet. He’ll be in plenty more to come. He gives her a box of bribery for her boss, but he’s already eaten some. It looks like dried figs? She isn’t happy about it, but fills the empty slots with chocolates and gives it to her Chief. He does seem at least a bit appreciative, and tells her to ask him for help, but I don’t think it’s going to help. At that moment, a higher up comes in asking why Joon Hyuk didn’t sign the contract in angry voice.

We then cut to them having a team dinner, and it looks like Yeon Seo is going to get very drunk. None of them look very happy. The girls in the group start nagging on her and the manager keeps chatting away, mentioning her contract status and asking about her SNS (social networking service).

We then get her first daydream, of splashing her soju in his face and yelling at him, then turning on the two female members of the team and yelling some more.

Of course, this epic showdown then fades in an orchestral tune out and her boss is touching her shoulders. She shrugs him off and agrees nonchalantly. He then hands her the bribe she gave him earlier, embarrassing her in front of her colleagues, and she tries to refuse, and eventually the box falls out of their hands and spills open on the ground.

This appears to be a turning point, and the chief leaves the room with a weak excuse as she looks after him with angry eyes. She takes a final drink of soju and heads after him.

Yeon Seo is fed up

We then see a man standing in the alleyway, as Lee Yeon Seo comes up behind him. It’s obvious she thinks this is her chief, but we all know who this is going to be, don’t we?

Yeon Seo stalks her prey


She takes the red papers that she’s been cutting out of her purse and throws them up in the air, then daydreams about hitting him over the head with her shoe.

Yeon Seo throws her paper Yeon Seo jumps to hit her prey Yeon Seo's shoe drips blood Yeon Seo has downed her prey

But it turns out she wasn’t daydreaming it (or was she actually daydreaming? did she purposefully hit her “chief” on the head? actually, that’s plausible). And then she turns her victim over and sees the face of Kang Joon Hyuk. Of course, she is startled at this.

Yeon Seo sees she hit Joon Hyuk


Okay first off, I don’t think this is technically the first episode, so I’m splitting it into two parts. Oksusu has most episodes split up into four parts it looks like and for this first one it’s three. I guess if people want more recaps like this, I’ll do them by every two parts, because just this took forever to put together. If you appreciate it and want more, please let me know! Gah, I didn’t think it would take so loong.

Anyway, it’s a pretty fun start to the show. I’ve already watched past this, and mostly caught up to the fully aired content (actually I think ep7-8 and might be newly out), and it gets more fun. I can’t say it’s my favorite show ever, but it’s a good show to watch when I get home from work and just want to wind down. The next part of this episode is amusing as she tries to figure out what to do.

What do you think? Has anyone else been watching this show?


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