I Picked up a Star on the Road Ep 1 Recap (pt 2)

Alright, continuing on from pt 1 of Episode 1 recap.

No one’s really reading these yet so I haven’t made anyone fussy with the delay yet. I’m not even sure if many people are watching this! I have yet to catch up with the latest episodes since I’ve been so busy.

Yeon Seo has just hit Kang Joon Hyuk over the head with her shoe.

Cautiously she picks his hand up and drops it. It flops limply like a dead mans. Next she holds a finger to his nose checking for breathing, but apparently she doesn’t feel any, because she thinks he is dead.

Shocked, she starts running away, but crashes into a table and chairs and keeps getting startled but numerous ads of Kang Joon Hyuk that stare at her.

She then gets a phone call from her team mates asking where she is. Searching for her badge in her purse and not finding it, she runs back to the body to retrieve it where it still lays next to Kang Joon Hyuk. As she turns to leave a man comes up saying that’s a person isn’t it?

He assumes it’s her drunk boyfriend and she says yes it’s alright. He says it must be hard, but he’ll call the police for her. However, he forgot his phone so he goes off to retrieve it.

Panicked, she looks around but when the guy returns we see she’s no longer there. Instead she’s piggybacking Joon Hyuk down the street. Some people start to recognize him, so she hangs a black bag over his face.

A that moment a police car drives by and they kindly stop asking her where she’s going. She tries to ignore them but finally asks them what’s wrong.  They say it must be hard and ask her to get in like a taxi.

Unable to refuse, she finds herself riding in a police car with what she thinks is a dead body.

Sweating in nervousness, one of the police opens the window and the bag falls off of Joon Hyuk’s face. They think he’s handsome and reminds them of someone. Kang Joon Hyuk? She says she doesn’t think so…

Hilariously they turn on the radio and Kang Joon Hyuk’s friend Mir is on the air (friend…). As it turns out, the host asks him to call Joon Hyuk’s phone, even if he’s very busy to hear his voice, which he does. Yeon Seo tries to find his phone before the friend calls him, but it starts ringing before she can.

The police look back and forth, but she hangs up and pretends that she got a call from mother. They laugh it off and exclaim at the timing with the radio.

The host starts talking more about his phone and she throws it out the window in a haste.

Finally rid of the police, she drags Kang Joon Hyuk all the way up to her apartment after getting startled  by some larger than life ads of him staring at her (again).

And now you get to see her Oppa from next door who asks who that person is. She claims it’s a work oppa, and asks him what he needs.

It takes her awhile to get rid of him, and lots of nervous sweating, but he finally leaves.

Dragging Joon Hyuk with some loud screams, she finally gets him stashed into one of her rooms and promptly falls asleep in a dead faint.

We then see her eyes opening and in a hurry she goes to the room to check on the body. But it’s not there!


Running back out of the room she laughs, thinking she must have dreampt the whole terrible ordeal.

But then someone taps her on the shoulder and it’s the two police with handcuffs arresting her. Hilariously some pseudo SWAT team (labeled the RCIA?) comes running up…

And then she wakes up lol.

And Kang Joon Hyuk’s foot is still sticking out the door. So that wasn’t a dream either…

Did I really… kill a person? She thinks and starts crying.

This isn’t it Yeon Seo… she starts talking to herself until she gets a phone call from her mother.

She starts crying on the phone call and when her mom asks if she’s okay she just hangs up and says she’s sorry mom! I didn’t mean to kill him!

She gets some texts from her chief (I think?) and she starts cursing him out with lots of bleeping.

oksusu also makes a cut here as the end of another part, but I’m continuing as ep 1.

Okay, now that the reality (thinks Seon Yeo) of becoming a murderer is beginning to sink in, she next decides to give the body a proper funeral.

She says to the body that’s she’s really sorry 😀 Yep that will help.

Just to be fair, she’s doing some mix of Christian and Buddhist rituals and the music keeps going back and forth from a warbly chant with knocking on wood to a church organ. Haha. Every time she puts her hands together it becomes organ music xd.

The next scene we see Joon Hyuks… girlfriend?… yelling for Joon Hyuk. Where is he? The manager says how would he know if his girlfriend didn’t? I get the feeling she’s more certain she’s the girlfriend than Joon Hyuk is. I believe her name is Jin Se Ra. If you don’t recognize the actress, she’s also a Kpop star stage name Lizzy from After School and the subgroup Orange Caramel. The groups haven’t been super active lately but I’m sure you’ve heard Catallena by Orange Caramel. Oh come on.

One thing I love about this drama is all the huge ads of Kang Joon Hyuk pasted everywhere. It’s hilarious.

As Jin Se Ra stomps off in a huff when the manager insists he has no idea where Joon Huk is, Mir comes into the room. I’m getting strange vibes from him.

Meanwhile back in Yeon Seo’s house, she’s researching ways to get rid of dead bodies…

Lol this one is so funny. Doing her research with highlighter and everything.

Of course, being Yeon Seo, she starts imagining how it will go and the outcomes of the different ways of doing it. She seems a bit sick thinking about it, but perseveres.

Deciding on what to do, she hurries out to the store. Her neighbor Oppa picks up a letter she dropped and takes it up to her house, then stops and turns back to look at some blood that stained in front of the door.

Just then Yeon Seo comes running up and asks him what he thinks he’s doing. He points to the blood and she comes up with some lame excuse. Neighbor Oppa looks very suspicious at her explanation.

He then notices the strange purchases she’s made (something from the drugstore?)… What is she really up to? Hehe.

She then goes inside once he leaves and starts preparing something steamy and boiling with her goggles and breathing mask.

But when she goes to get the body… It’s gone!

She rushes out of the room and looks in other ones, but then a hand lands on her shoulder. It’s Kang Joon Hyuk and he’s wondering what’s up. She turns around and they both scream (silently as the episode ends)


So that’s it, that’s the first episode. What are your thoughts? Is anyone else actually watching it?

I’ve only seen the first 6 episodes so far (I think 10 are out right now), but just from the first episode it is a lot of fun.

However, it’s not the best starting I’ve ever seen… It’s just something I can sit down and relax to after a hard day of work. Some fun comedy.

What do you think?


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