Kiss Goblin Ep 1 Recap

Kiss Goblin (also known as “Kiss Ghost” or in Korean, 키스요괴), is a new web series about a Goblin, Ban Sook, played by Bae In Hyuk, who has to kiss 10 humans to become human himself. Each time he kisses one, he gains a new emotion from them. On the other hand, Oh Yeonah, played by Jeon Hye Won, is a girl who has been disillusioned by men after her latest boyfriend cheated on her (not sure of the details yet).

The episodes are a short 11-12 minutes long, and there are only supposed to be 12 of them, so I thought this would be a good and easy series I could recap/review and hopefully keep up 🙂 As we know, I don’t have a good track record of that so far…


Opening of EP 1. “Coincidental Beginning”

The episode starts in a club/bar, with Ban Sook the Goblin, picking up his first girl for a good ol’ kiss in the alleyway. AHH, it’s a nice looong kiss and he gains his first emotion, pulled straight from her mouth to his as a small shining orange ball.

Yeonah is annoyed with a guy trying to get her number with his order

Coincidentally, the female lead, Oh Yeonah, has had a rough day serving customers at the pub nearby. The behavior of her customers has only continued to affirm her annoyance with the human race. “I’m sick and tired of people,” she thinks as part of her introduction, “People are evil. EVIL.”

The coincidence happens as she takes out the trash and comes upon the smooching couple in the back alley. She seems a little interested in the kiss, and manages to get a glimpse of our male lead’s face before running back around the corner.

After Yeonah is out of the picture, the scene continues with Ban Sook getting his new emotion from the girl he was kissing. He tells the girl he’ll learn one of her emotions, but as soon as he leaves, she seems to have had memory loss, not knowing how she appeared in the alley, and attributes it to too much drinking.

We then cut to a scene of Ban Sook letting out a deep sigh, and then wondering what this new emotion is. What could it be?

Well, turns out he gained the rather useful emotion of…. a sigh? Lol, have fun with that. A lady appears in the room with him and explains that he has learned the emotion of emptiness. “[A sigh is] when you breathe in deeply, and breathe out. The emotion that you learnt is emptiness.” Hurraaay! Let me tell you, that’s an essential emotion on your way to humanity (cut to a scene of the girl he kissed drinking and sighing back at the bar).

The Goblin Queen giving Ban Sook his next kiss target 🙂

This new lady speaking to him turns out to be none other than the Goblin Queen! She lectures him that getting these 10 emotions is not going to be easy, and questions if he still wants to be human, before giving him his second “target”. Seems like he can’t just randomly kiss 10 people lol 🙁

She asks him why he wants to be human and he responds by subtly dissing her: “Because I don’t want to be alone. You’ve been alone for more than 1,000 years. I don’t want to live like that.” Jerk!

Yeonah complains about the jerks from serving at the pub last night

Then we cut to a scene of Oh Yeonah at college… and, another coincidence, it turns out her friend is none other than the Ban Sook’s second target! Yeonah complains about her night the prior day, and her friend, Yoon Seolhee, just laughs and tells her that she needs to date again! You can forget a wrong guy with a right guy!

Ban Sook smoothly gets Seolhee’s number (or maybe cheats with his goblin powers)

Speaking of, Seolhee reveals that a handsome unknown guy just asked for her number! Cut to advertisement level scene of her meeting Ban Sook! He’s even holding the coffee and everything. His voice has reverb! His goblin’s aura makes the ladies faint! (Literally lol)

Yeonah spurns further talk of her dating and heads off to the library, where she has a flashback to her in love in the library with her ex. Well, I already hate him…

Yeonah’s flashback when she witnesses her ex cheating on her

To exacerbate her hatred of men even further, later Yeonah sees her friend Seolhee kissing Ban Sook! At first she’s amused, but then she recognizes Ban Sook as the kisser from last night, cuing another painful flashback of when she found out her ex was cheating on her (props to her acting here!).

Fueled by her pure hatred of evil men, players all of them, she walks up to the smooching couple, and without much further ado, gives Ban Sook a nice punch to the face! “Because of guys like you, I hate people!”

And that’s right where the episode ends folks! Hahaha, pilot episodes ending with a punch/kick etc are the best!


So, I thought I’d end this recap with my quick thoughts on the episode. Since I’m planning on recapping all the episodes, I do plan on continuing this. The episode are short and not really a pain to watch.

Starting it, I wasn’t very impressed most noticeably with some of the side actors, but as the episode progressed, the foreground actors showed some pretty good talent, so I can give the acting on this a pass. There were also some fairly good visual effects for the goblin powers that were used so far and I think they held up. More than I was expecting for this series I’ll admit! It has also had pretty good camera work and compositing too.

As far as the storyline goes, so far it’s pretty simple if a little contrived and is probably just perfect for a not-very-serious web series like this 🙂 It’s going to be interesting to see if he can actually get 10 kisses… I’m guessing if he starts to fall in love with Yeonah, then she won’t have ANY of that especially with what happened with her ex. Will he ever be able to become human?!?

Well anyway, in conclusion, pretty short episode, not too much going on, but nothing too bad going on. Not a bad way to spend your time! But don’t expect something too serious from this haha.

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