Kiss Goblin Ep 2 Recap

On to the second episode! (EP2. 위로가 필요해 “I Need Comfort”)

It begins with a quick recap of the punch to the face from the ending of episode 1, however this time we get a good look at how the kiss started, and honestly, it’s pretty cute:

Gaaaaahhhhh! It ain’t even the lead girl yet……..

She initiates the kiss (though only after he does some of his voodoo goblin magic stuff) and then it gets a little more hot and heavy, including him getting another glowing orange ball of emotions, before Yeonah comes up and socks him in the face ;D

“Is it fun? Is it fun toying with people!?” Oh Yeonah rails on and on to Ban Sook, while simultaneously reminiscing about the past, which leads to her getting a little choked up. Ban Sook finds himself wanting to comfort her, raising a hand to do so, but Yeonah grabs Seolhee and storms off.

Ban Sook wonders what this new emotion is… And apparently he can speak telepathically with the Goblin Queen, who informs him, that his new emotion is Compassion! Well now, that’s a step up from emptiness lol

It turns out, that Seolhee has also forgotten kissing Ban Sook, much like the first lady who kissed him, and Yeonah is a little confused…

Me every morning

Next morning, Yeonah has apparently not slept a wink… And her school project still isn’t finished! We all feel your pain :(((((

She’s thinking again about the strange two-timing man who kissed her friend last night, when she gets a call from a school sunbae, who half threatens, half cajoles Yeonah into going on a blind date with a friend. If she does, he’ll do the presentation slides for the project! Grrrrr, I hate manipulation like this, but she ends up agreeing though very reluctantly.

They meet for a blind date and it starts off VERY awkwardly by the guy trying to “break the ice” (supposedly, bad move dude) by saying she doesn’t look as good as her picture and asking what photo editing app she uses. “It was a joke, I guess you hold grudges…” Um dude, you just insulted her when you literally just met her….

The “date” only gets more awkward as he continues making blunder after blunder. He even asks how much she’s dated! Wow, this is hard to watch hahaha…. She wonders, not for the first time this day, why people act like this… Why aren’t they considerate of others?

She fires back by saying he must have been on a lot of blind dates. “Because I’m so smooth?” Um nope. Because no one could like you you loser.

In the meanwhile Ban Sook is brushing his teeth and tries to turn on the water faucet to realize he didn’t pay any of his bills… All of this leads to him getting a part time job, and being there at work as a new employee when Yeonah arrives at the pub after the awful date!

Where you lookin’ girl

After confronting him, she straightforwardly asks him why Seolhee can’t remember kissing him. He tells her his name so she’ll stop calling him ‘You’ but she retaliates by kicking him in the shin and asking him if he’s an egg? (Because Bansook = Soft (Boiled) lol)

“I am a goblin.”

Finally he relents and tells her ALL the sordid reasons behind why he kissed her friend and why her friend doesn’t remember!

Wonder of wonders… She doesn’t believe a word he says HAHAHA! “미친놈” (Michinnom) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Later, there are some typical troubles in the pub; a customer has had chicken delivered to the pub, but the restaurant rules say you can’t bring outside food inside.

Yeonah is (semi) patiently explaining this to the man, but the situation quickly derails and the guy dumps his chicken all over the table. Yeonah calls him crazy and he then attempts to hit her! Do people really act like this irl?? The guy is even sitting with two lady friends, is he trying to be suave or something? Far from the mark.

Of course, Ban Sook comes in and heroically grabs the guy’s hand before the punch can land… In retaliation, Yeonah grabs a fried chicken drumstick and slams it into his face (HAHAHA, I literally can’t understand the rationale behind her move but it’s pretty fun)

Chicken to the face hahaha

Once the deed is done, Yeonah kind of blows up even more and the guy and his lady friends hurriedly leave the restaurant. Ban Sook sees Yeonah commiserating with herself on the stairs and brings her a thing of chocolate milk in an attempt to comfort her (his new emotion).

Sometimes I wonder: Why do people act like that? All it takes is a little bit of thoughtfulness.

Yeonah’s thoughts as the episode ends


Yep, there’s an epilogue for this episode! It’s not much (I mean the whole episode is pretty short), but we see someone with detailed info on our main goblin, smiling and walking away from the camera. Who could it beee???

Ban Sook, goblin, 160 years old, location….

Well, as far as I know, this is probably an exorcist that I’ve heard is supposed to be in this show… Dun dun dun! Guess we’ll find out next week. (On a side note, the angle they shoot this new guy reminds me of Kim Young Min a little :))

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed this episode. Frankly, I didn’t feel like much happened, but that’s probably because it’s a short episode and not much really could happen… A few deliveries felt a little stiff even from the main actors, but still not too bad overall. This will still be an easy way to relax of a Tuesday and Thursday.


A pseudo-korean ㅋㅋㅋ

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