Kiss Goblin Ep 3 Recap

EP3. “The Reason People are Sad”

The episode this time starts out with the goblin and our female lead staring at each other and breaking down in tears… Why, you might ask? Well, the scene quickly changes back to earlier in the day to see how this came about.

Yeonah and her friend Seolhee are at a cafe and the server puts waaaay more cream on Yeonah’s cup than Seolhee’s. He’s got quite an obvious crush on her!

The guy brings up her ex and Seolhee tries to warn him to SHUT UP

The crush because even more apparent when Seolhee mentions the blind date from the previous episode, and he grills her about it. QUITE an obvious crush, but of course, Yeonah seems oblivious. He naively brings up her ex as reasons she should talk to him about dating, and she leaves in a huff.

The two goblins peek on the new candidate

Next we see the Goblin Queen and Ban Sook checking out the 3rd kiss candidiate! (And getting weird looks while doing so haha). The Goblin Queen calls the girl “Unni” and Ban Sook questions her, saying she’s much older than the new candidate. Haha, the relationship between these two is pretty fun. But the Goblin Queen warns him that once his mission completes, then he needs to watch out for the Exorcist! Apparently, the exorcist can sense when he kisses someone and gains an emotion. Oooh just perfect. I have a feeling we’re going to see the guy from the end of the last episode.

Ban Sook enters the shop the 3rd kiss candidate is at, and as she files his nails, he asks about a picture of her and her ex in a picture frame. Turns out, her ex died in an accident some years ago a week before their wedding, and she still can’t forget him.

Ban Sook soon leaves when she finishes his nails, but not much later, the woman’s ex walks in the door! Okay Ban Sook, reaaaally?

Ban Sook masquerading as a dead man…

The woman thinks she’s in a dream and the two embrace and then kiss… and then a new emotion passes from her to her “boyfriend”‘s mouth.

“Thanks for coming. Please come to my dream again like today!” She says.

Her boyfriend leaves and then turns into Ban Sook… Interesting way of going about a kiss. I’m not sure what I think about it; honestly, it’s kind of creepy, but I guess it’s not much worse than just magicking the girl to randomly kiss you either. I mean they even forget the kiss too.

The scene then changes to show Yeonah walking home to her apartment and seeing her ex. Her ex’s new girlfriend shows up and asks who Yeonah is, and the jerk calls her a friend and leaves together with his new girlfriend.

The ex and his new girl

Yeonah is saddened remembering her time with her ex and how she found him cheating, and walks away in a blind daze. Outwardly she appears to hate all men, but there’s something inside that misses what she had, if not directly missing her ex. Perhaps she’s mostly just disappointed at his attitude towards her.

As she walks down the street, eyes watering, she comes upon Ban Sook who is being wracked with the new emotion he discovered from the woman who misses her dead fiance. A bit of camaraderie is shared as the two stare at each other, both feeling pained in sadness.

They both end up together at a bar of some sort, and she asks why he was sad. He explains how he felt, and asks if that’s sadness.

“Are you pretending to be a goblin again?” She asks. And he wonders how to get over being sad. In answer, she hands him a napkin to wipe his eyes and asks if there’s any way not to be sad? Everyone is sad for some reason, but they all hide it in their own way. You just have to be sad until you’re okay.

But at that moment, the door to the shop opens and a man walks up to the table, asking for Ban Sook.

“I’ve followed your smell. The smell of a goblin!”

Both Ban Sook and Yeonah stand up abruptly, and Ban Sook asks if this man is the exorcist!

Dun dun dun! And that’s the end of the episode folks!

This one is an interesting episode but I’m not sure what I think so far. It’s interesting to see the new emotion Ban Sook got, but I’m not sure I liked how he got it, despite how nice of a moment it was for the woman. It was also good to see more of Yeonah’s feelings and as much as I’m not a fan of triangles, the guy with a crush on her was a great addition! 😀

What are your thoughts?

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