Kpop review #1 – NATURE (네이처) – 썸 (SOME) (You’ll Be Mine)

Today I’m reviewing a new Kpop song that was released yesterday by 네이처(Nature) called 썸 (Some) (You’ll Be Mine).

I can’t say I was a huge fan of the group before this release, but I remember finding their song Allegro Cantabile listenable and their song Girls and Flowers was fun.

However, I may have to stan this group after their latest release! The song is groovy and bassy (according to the MV description ㅋㅋㅋ). Here’s the video so you guys can watch and listen too.

First up I’ll be reviewing the song itself.


Beat: 4/4 + 140 bpm

The song didn’t have a super catchy start or something that sucks me in immediately (I’m thinking something like Mamamoo Starry Night one of my favorites).

However, as soon as that “Some & Love” chorus and beat hit, you know this is a fun song. Actually, even the pre-chorus got me really excited. And then that bass omo omo.

After that it has an entirely predictable formula that is used all throughout pop: for a reason… it works. First we had the hint at the chorus, then the first verse, the pre-chorus, then the chorus, second verse, pre-chorus+chorus, bridge, and a final chorus. Nothing out of the ordinary, predictable, but it works. This song is more of a bop than anything else. (Not quite to the same standards of BBoom BBoom or Baam, but that’s just Momoland for you.)

One of my favorite voices in the group from what I could tell (it gets confusing…) was a girl named Gaga… That is a bit funny… Apparently she’s actually Chinese (李佳佳) and 19 years old and her role is making cute faces :D. I’m serious, read the description of this insta debut post. Lol.

In the music video she actually has red hair… Anyway, I liked her voice, but maybe I can do a group review at some point when I get a chance. I’m getting off track because this is the song review, not a group review 🙂

Now at first, I thought the intro wasn’t very interesting, but it did introduce the bass part which along with the drums is one of the only things non vocal during the verses and I felt actually did a good job of carrying through. It had an interesting rhythm to it that kept the song going along. There was a bit of syncopation at the end of the rhythm that was really fun.

Do you know what syncopation is? You should. I think it is one of the main reasons this chorus beat actually works and is fun. Basically syncopation is when the focus is not on the main beat, i.e. you stress the “off” or weak beat. A typical beat (and one that is used here) might be like 1, 2, 3, 4.

We can break this beat up into half beats like 1 and and and and. Here, we can call the and “beats” weak beats, though in some cases 2 and 4 could also be considered the weak beats. If you listen to that bass part that is introduced at the beginning of the song, you can here the beat like follows:

and and 3 and and and and and and

So actually the majority of that beat is syncopated which has a fun effect when it leads right back into the start on the strong beat. Here’s a better representation if you can’t make sense of that.

So you can see after the first 3 beats it switches over to the in between beat until the next repeat, right? Hope you like that embed because I think I only get one free one and soundslice is hella expensive. Maybe I’ll make my own version.

There’s something similar happening in the chorus, but I think in this case it’s partly because of a bit of side-chaining with the drums and synth going on.

What does that mean? Well at the chorus area when they yell “Some & Love!” and that growly synth comes in, it feels like it’s doing the syncopated rhythm too on those half beats. I think that creates a really nice effect for this song.

The truth though is that you can also hear it on the downbeat but they’re using side-chained compression: basically, they link the synth to the kick (drum beat) and every time the kick hits (on the down beat) the synth is compressed so it is quieter. This gives I kind of syncopated waAH effect if you know what I mean… Listen to the song and you’ll be able to tell. I think it’s more visible when the synth is going up those half steps (probably because it might get a bit louder).

I’m just assuming they used the kick, but it does sound like it has a double hit that doesn’t effect the compression so it could also be a ghost side-chain, where they just have a silent kick or anything on the main beat that effects compression on the synth track.

Anyway, that’s enough tearing up of the song for now. I’d like to dive more into the music part, but I don’t have time right now. Hopefully I enlightened some of you on why you love this song! 😀 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Okay, I don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll briefly mention the video. Hopefully if I do more Kpop reviews I can focus on this stuff a little more too! Or maybe I’ll come back and edit this post with more of my thoughts.

First… it’s colorful. Like really, really, oversaturatedly colorful. The very first shot, there’s a clock with long shadows morphing into over head brightness that kind of annoyed me because… it appears like it should be a timelapse but we just have second hands ticking… lol. Okay, minor stuff.

Have you ever seen a classroom that looks like that?

So guys, basically this is a momoland clone. But more oversaturated…

Don’t give me hate, I actually really like this group so far. But they don’t appear very original for the first part.

And then we get to the chorus and they start breaking it down. This might have appeared in a dozen other MV at some point, but it feels more original and maybe it’s just that beat in the back of my mind making me love it, but it’s a lot of fun.

Who can’t love it when a bunch of pretty girls make finger kisses?

All jokes aside, there is a very interesting move when they stick their hands over their crotches while swaying their hips around… that happens towards the end of the chorus and it just had me raising an eyebrow. Interesting.

Okay, so I wasn’t a huge fan of the music video. It’s bursting bright, full of color, and kind of fun, but not a favorite.

Verdict: A

This song is a bop.

Do I need to say more?

Watch out Momoland, you’ve got competition. Who knows, maybe next they’ll start encroaching on Blackpink territory! LE GASP NOO.

I recommend this group and think their view count is criminal guys. More people should stan this group! Come on!



A pseudo-korean ㅋㅋㅋ

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