Mr. Sunshine ep 13 picture recap

Ah, Mr. Sunshine. I’ve been watching it religiously from day 1, and decided to try a recap of sorts.

First a quick blob of major happenings and then I’ll post a slew of images below with captions that should explain the more intricate parts.

And of course, major spoilers for this episode, and any previous ones…

The major happenings are basically, hotel owner Kudo Hina asks pawn shop people if they can forge signature of autopsy report; Kim An-Pyeong strategically creates a meeting with his son Hui Seong and Lee Wan-Ik. Wan-Ik is interested and asks if he’s married. Then Wan-Ik starts asking Ae-sin’s cousin (I think) if the engagement can be broken off. The interpreter at legation is bribed by same cousin to tell him what is going on at legation, but he tells Eugene and Eugene tells him to accept bribe. Ae-sin and Eugene visit potter together, and potter doesn’t seem to like them hanging out. Eugene shows Ae-sin the picture he took previously and asks if she recognizes anyone. She doesn’t, but then he says one has the same name as her father and she sees the resemblance. She hadn’t seen her father before. Grandfather visits Hui Seong and asks marriage to go forward. Ae-sin meets with Gu Dong-Mae and tries to resolve her debt. He says she’ll have to pay him every month until she decides to kill him. Grandfather also sends out letters asking to talk and resolve the Japanese influence, but Lee Wan-Ik intercepts them and gets angry when he reads it. And finally, we end with the missionary who raised Eugene murdered and Eugene crying as he holds his hand.

Now for some pictures!


A pseudo-korean ㅋㅋㅋ

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