Mr. Sunshine ep 14 Picture Recap

Yet another episode and now another week to wait for more episodes! Gah! And that ending. Do I really have to wait? :/

As I did last time, I’m going to post a quick recap blob (obviously spoilers) and then a host of images with captions explaining the more intricate parts and also just giving gratuitous shots I loved 😀

Spoiler blob: Turns out Kim Yong Ju was released 4 days ago, which is before Joseph was murdered. We see it’s Lee Wan Ik who’s done it and he has a bloody letter that was on Joseph that was written by the king requesting aid from America. Eugene visits Lee Wan-Ik searching for Yong Ju and gives Wan-ik a warning. Dong-Mae is accused of killing Joseph and the bribed police officers tell him to name Go Sang Ho as the one who ordered him to. Eugene retrieves the letters that were in Yong Ju’s room from Hina and they all have a piece of a postal map in them. The King actually gave the letter to Joseph and Wan-Ik comes with the letter saying it must be fake and appoint him as minister of foreign affairs soon. Eugene hears that the investigation is being closed as Joseph and Dong-Mae forging the King’s letter, so he gets the Major to force Minister Allen to take Dong-Mae to the American legation to resume the investigation. Do-mi sees the picture of the friends and says he just saw one of them here watering the plants; Eugene searches his desk and the man Do-mi saw took the letters Hina gave him. Hui-Seong helps Eugene figure out where Yong jun must be. The King’s official (what’s his name?) who apparently leads the patriots, says Eugene must die. Ae-sin is visiting Eugene when the man in the picture tries to kill him, and since he failed, the potter says Ae-sin must kill Eugene. :O

Now for the pics I know you want! 😀 I literally grab hundreds and have to filter out the very best ones to depict this so you’d better enjoy it.


A pseudo-korean ㅋㅋㅋ

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