He is Psychometric Ep 4 Recap

The episode starts, once again, back in 2005 for a quick scene with Yoon Jae In and her father. This is right before a scene we saw at the beginning of the drama, with the women who are later stabbed, telling Yoon Jae In’s father (building caretaker? He used to be a firefighter), that he can’t keep putting up fliers saying to keep the road clear in case of fire. They fire him on the spot. We find out in this episode, that one of these ladies that is stabbed is also Kang Seong Mo’s mother.

The scene continues as Jae In’s father continues to put up fliers and then shows the explosion again. Yoon Jae In’s father is the friendly person who helps Lee An out of the elevator and tells Kang Seong Mo to watch him.

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He is Psychometric Ep 3 Recap

Lee An and Yoon Jae In
Lee An and Yoon Jae In together in 2005

Episode 3 starts back in 2005 a week after the fire. Yoon Jae In and Lee An are talking. He’s holding his father’s police badge and Jae In asks if Lee An’s father can help her father out of jail since he didn’t do anything wrong. But of course, he can’t because Lee An’s father is dead.

A van pulls up with Kang Seong Mo to pick up Lee An. Jae In hides behind the fence, but Seong Mo sees her there tough he says nothing.

Back to 11 years later, though Lee An had appeared to be violated the previous night, he wakes up with a dream of kissing Yoon Jae In to read her mind. Haha, what a boy… He wakes by falling off the bed and promptly tries to fall back asleep into the dream.

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He is Psychometric Ep 2 Recap

Hey guys, this is a rough one as I don’t have time to edit it fully right now, but hopefully it’s helpful to someone! This show is not perfect, but this second episode has given it a really solid start in my opinion and I’m looking forward to watching more. Let’s dive right into the recap!

We start back in 2005 with Lee An, with a large bandage on his head, receiving a box of his father’s belongings from another officer (detective Eun’s father).

As he sits and cries, Yoon Jae In runs past him and loses a shoe. Lee An picks it up and sees what we can assume are his first flashbacks from her.

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He is Psychometric Ep 1 Recap

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick recap of He is Psychometric episode 1, the drama we’ve all been waiting for! Super excited for this one, so let’s dive right in.

The episode starts with a scene from 2005. In an apartment complex, a young boy, Lee An (our main character), is begging and begging for a puppy for his birthday. His father, a cop of some sort, doesn’t seem to mind, but his mother is against it–that is until An asks for a sibling instead.

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Best K-Dramas Feb-Mar 2019

Are you wondering what K-Dramas are airing here at the close of February that are actually good? Here’s a list of my 5 favorite dramas of this month that I’ve been keeping up to date on, as well as titles of honorable mentions, that I won’t go into detail on, but are pretty good! Some will be the obvious winners but I have others that I haven’t heard very many people talking about. All of these are currently still airing (except one, just ended) and there are a few good ones that have ended that I didn’t include. Hopefully there’s something on this list for everybody! Got lots of genres here. Let’s get started!

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I Picked up a Star on the Road Ep 1 Recap (pt 2)

Alright, continuing on from pt 1 of Episode 1 recap.

No one’s really reading these yet so I haven’t made anyone fussy with the delay yet. I’m not even sure if many people are watching this! I have yet to catch up with the latest episodes since I’ve been so busy.

Yeon Seo has just hit Kang Joon Hyuk over the head with her shoe.

Cautiously she picks his hand up and drops it. It flops limply like a dead mans. Next she holds a finger to his nose checking for breathing, but apparently she doesn’t feel any, because she thinks he is dead.

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I Picked up a Star on the Road Ep 1 Recap (pt 1)

I’ve kind of been in a drama slump, so I started watching a show called I Picked up a Star on the Road AKA I Picked up a Celebrity on the Street. Whatever you want to call it. It’s kind of hard to find online and I haven’t seen any English subtitles for it yet, so I thought I’d post my thoughts on a few episodes so people could see it more easily.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve only found it on Oksusu if you live in South Korea (or can geolocate…) and a couple nondescript Chinese sites without subtitles. I recommend watching on Oksusu if you can figure it out. 😉

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything right, but I’m still learning Korean so I probably missed some stuff. Feel free to correct me if I say something wrong. Now let’s get into it! I’ll try to add a fair amount of pictures but I think as recaps go on (if people want more) then I’ll have to decrease picture count.

Episode 1 Recap (pt 1)

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Kpop review #1 – NATURE (네이처) – 썸 (SOME) (You’ll Be Mine)

Today I’m reviewing a new Kpop song that was released yesterday by 네이처(Nature) called 썸 (Some) (You’ll Be Mine).

I can’t say I was a huge fan of the group before this release, but I remember finding their song Allegro Cantabile listenable and their song Girls and Flowers was fun.

However, I may have to stan this group after their latest release! The song is groovy and bassy (according to the MV description ㅋㅋㅋ). Here’s the video so you guys can watch and listen too.

First up I’ll be reviewing the song itself.

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Mr. Sunshine Review

Wow, this review has been a long time in coming. I just can’t put my feelings for this show into words so I had to take a step back.

First off, this show is now firmly implanted in my memory. Sometimes I watch a show, and it’s pretty good and I really like it and I may want to rewatch it at some point, but it’s not the show that shapes my whole life as I watch it.

But Mr. Sunshine! Everytime I think about this drama, it gives me the feels. So much in this drama that made me laugh and cry. I would watch it every weekend without fail the first chance I had and I never skipped a single second.

Are you trying to decide if you should watch this show? I would recommend this to everyone, but I have to admit it probably isn’t for everyone. This will make you laugh and cry and ship, but if you just want a romantic comedy or a fun action drama, this probably isn’t for you.

Now I’ll try to go into a little more detail.

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