Select Love – Chapter 1

Hey guys, this is a book I’ve been writing called Select Love (for now), that was inspired by KDramas. Mostly it’s the location and style rather than happening. I’m uploading it on Wattpad for now and thought I’d double post here. enjoy ~

Chapter One

Despite the late morning breeze floating through the open window, I was feeling suffocated as I sat alone in the classroom staring at my open English textbook.

This was nothing new; I often felt suffocated at school. If I had a home, I would probably feel suffocated there as well.

It was hard to have a home when your father was dead and your mom kicked you out because you wouldn’t buy her any more alcohol.

For the past two weeks since I’d been kicked out of our tiny apartment, I’d spent most of my evenings at the sauna, but my funds were running desperately low and I had the depressing notion I would be spending the night on the streets today unless I skipped all my meals.

I wouldn’t usually mind skipping a meal or two, but I had been skipping too many of them lately and I was afraid I would faint if I didn’t eat anything today.

A sharp pain shot through my stomach, accentuating the fact I would need to eat something, and I clenched my fists to fight through the feeling. Fortunately the school provided a lunch or I would not have survived this long.

I let out a breath and closed my eyes. Suffocation. Would it be such a bad thing?

Of course, I wasn’t quite literally suffocating here. If it were up to the other students though, I think they wouldn’t mind if I did suffocate. They were the ones who made my days a nightmare after all. The taunts and harsh words, laughing at my apparent lack of hygiene, jealousy of my intelligence.

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He is Psychometric Ep 9 Recap

I’m falling further and further behind in my recaps! Ah well, here is Episode 9 recap. I’ve already started on episode 10 recap, but for some reason this one took me a while to get all written up! Limited pictures today so I can get it out quickly… 🙁

Back in 2005 (November), Lee An and other children from the apartment complex are playing cops in the stairwell. They run into Seong Mo hanging out in the stair well, looking out the window. Lee thinks it’s odd that he’s not at school but he’s dressed in his school uniform.

Seong Mo brushes past him and into the elevator in which Jae In is currently riding. Lee An follows them and Jae In asks Seong Mo the same question, why he’s wearing his uniform but not going to school. This time he answers saying say that his mother doesn’t worry. The elevator stops and he gets out and limps away.

Lee An asks Jae In to play cops with him, and she says she will but right now she’s busy. We can see in her hands she holds the firetruck warning signs her father passes out to bring awareness to parking issues.

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He is Psychometric Ep 8 Recap

After this episode (8) of He is Psychometric, we’ll be half way through the drama! I did watch this episode the day it aired, but I’m only getting around to writing a recap now, so I’ll throw in more pictures as an apology 😉

Guess how the episode starts? Yep, back in 2005.

This time it starts with Lee An and his dad talking to Seong Mo who’s just sitting on a bench watching the surroundings. Since Lee An’s father is a detective, he gives a business card to Seong Mo and tells him to call him if he ever needs help. Seong Mo’s sock is still stained with blood around the ankle.

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He is Psychometric Ep 7 Recap

Time for another recap, here’s ep 7 of He is Psychometric! Well okay, past time! But here goes. And pictures because you deserve them.

And again we start back in time this time with Yoon Jae In and her father decorating a Christmas tree outside the apartment complex. Kang Seong Mo is walking by and Jae In notes that he’s limping again. Her father sees that Seong Mo’s sock is bloody, so he stops him and bandages his wound. Seong Mo is reluctant, but Jae In’s father says leaving small wounds can kill you. When her father leaves to get medicine, Jae In briefly manages to make Seong Mo smile.

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He is Psychometric Ep 6 Recap

Hey guys, sorry for the late recap. It’s going to be (relatively) quick this time so I can catch up on new episodes too, but I’ll include some pictures to make up for it!

And yet again, in what I’m guessing is going to happen most every episode, we start back in 2005, with the man in the window who found Seong Mo and his mother. This time however, the scene goes on and we see that Seong Mo spotted the man in the window. Seong Mo tells his cowering mother to do exactly what he says, and by the time the creepy stalker arrives at their door, the place is empty.

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Romance is a Bonus Book Review

And it’s time for a review of Romance is a Bonus Book! This show just ended relatively recently and I really wanted to get my thoughts on this drama put down on paper. Hopefully if you want a second opinion after watching it yourself or just want to figure out if you should actually start watching it, you’ll enjoy this read!

General Thoughts

My first general thoughts on this drama as it finished airing were all mostly positive. I enjoyed watching the characters on screen and rooted for them through the fairly laid back drama. My favorite part is the relationship between the two main characters and watching that blossom from a solid foundation was very fulfilling.

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He is Psychometric Ep 5 Recap

And we’re back (albeit late) for a recap of He is Psychometric Episode 5! Once again, this episode starts back in 2005 with a scene of Seong Mo and his mother in room 701 of the apartment complex. The nosy building ladies come and knock on their door, and Seong Mo’s mother is afraid that ‘he’ has come. Someone who is obsessed with them and stalking them. After the women leave, we see someone from another building looking down at their room in the apartment saying he’s found them.

Cut back to the end of the last episode where Jae In, Lee An, and Seong Mo are meeting on the street in the evening and showing the scene from the perspective of a man dressed in black hiding in a nearby truck watching.

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He is Psychometric Ep 4 Recap

The episode starts, once again, back in 2005 for a quick scene with Yoon Jae In and her father. This is right before a scene we saw at the beginning of the drama, with the women who are later stabbed, telling Yoon Jae In’s father (building caretaker? He used to be a firefighter), that he can’t keep putting up fliers saying to keep the road clear in case of fire. They fire him on the spot. We find out in this episode, that one of these ladies that is stabbed is also Kang Seong Mo’s mother.

The scene continues as Jae In’s father continues to put up fliers and then shows the explosion again. Yoon Jae In’s father is the friendly person who helps Lee An out of the elevator and tells Kang Seong Mo to watch him.

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He is Psychometric Ep 3 Recap

Lee An and Yoon Jae In
Lee An and Yoon Jae In together in 2005

Episode 3 starts back in 2005 a week after the fire. Yoon Jae In and Lee An are talking. He’s holding his father’s police badge and Jae In asks if Lee An’s father can help her father out of jail since he didn’t do anything wrong. But of course, he can’t because Lee An’s father is dead.

A van pulls up with Kang Seong Mo to pick up Lee An. Jae In hides behind the fence, but Seong Mo sees her there tough he says nothing.

Back to 11 years later, though Lee An had appeared to be violated the previous night, he wakes up with a dream of kissing Yoon Jae In to read her mind. Haha, what a boy… He wakes by falling off the bed and promptly tries to fall back asleep into the dream.

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He is Psychometric Ep 2 Recap

Hey guys, this is a rough one as I don’t have time to edit it fully right now, but hopefully it’s helpful to someone! This show is not perfect, but this second episode has given it a really solid start in my opinion and I’m looking forward to watching more. Let’s dive right into the recap!

We start back in 2005 with Lee An, with a large bandage on his head, receiving a box of his father’s belongings from another officer (detective Eun’s father).

As he sits and cries, Yoon Jae In runs past him and loses a shoe. Lee An picks it up and sees what we can assume are his first flashbacks from her.

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