Kiss Goblin Ep 3 Recap

EP3. “The Reason People are Sad”

The episode this time starts out with the goblin and our female lead staring at each other and breaking down in tears… Why, you might ask? Well, the scene quickly changes back to earlier in the day to see how this came about.

Yeonah and her friend Seolhee are at a cafe and the server puts waaaay more cream on Yeonah’s cup than Seolhee’s. He’s got quite an obvious crush on her!

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Kiss Goblin Ep 2 Recap

On to the second episode! (EP2. 위로가 필요해 “I Need Comfort”)

It begins with a quick recap of the punch to the face from the ending of episode 1, however this time we get a good look at how the kiss started, and honestly, it’s pretty cute:

Gaaaaahhhhh! It ain’t even the lead girl yet……..

She initiates the kiss (though only after he does some of his voodoo goblin magic stuff) and then it gets a little more hot and heavy, including him getting another glowing orange ball of emotions, before Yeonah comes up and socks him in the face ;D

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Kiss Goblin Ep 1 Recap

Kiss Goblin (also known as “Kiss Ghost” or in Korean, 키스요괴), is a new web series about a Goblin, Ban Sook, played by Bae In Hyuk, who has to kiss 10 humans to become human himself. Each time he kisses one, he gains a new emotion from them. On the other hand, Oh Yeonah, played by Jeon Hye Won, is a girl who has been disillusioned by men after her latest boyfriend cheated on her (not sure of the details yet).

The episodes are a short 11-12 minutes long, and there are only supposed to be 12 of them, so I thought this would be a good and easy series I could recap/review and hopefully keep up 🙂 As we know, I don’t have a good track record of that so far…

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